God’s Guidance Frees Her From the Pain of Her Marriage’s Collapse

Xiaomin thought of how she was stuck before living in pain from her husband’s betrayal that she couldn’t extricate herself from and it was God’s words that allowed her to recognize the root of his depravity and to clearly see how Satan uses evil trends and all sorts of absurd thinking ...

Is Money the Foundation of Christian Marriage?

Is money the foundation of a happy marriage? When you involve yourself in a bustling city, is your marriage facing the test of money? Read to learn Christian Amuer’s marriage story.

My Mistaken Views on Choosing a Spouse Almost Ruin My Happy Marriage

By Zijian, China Although through selecting carefully, my dream of my future husband and I being a perfect match was difficult to achieve. Ever since I was a child I have enjoyed watching romanc...

After Husband Betrayed Me, God Guided Me Through the Pain

After my husband betrayed me, I lost direction in my life and lived in pain. It was God’s word that enabled her to leave behind the shadows of her marriage crisis.

How She Emerged From Her Torment of the Suspicion of Her Husband

It was because of God’s grace that they saved their relationships and marriage. By opening their hearts, they saved their marriage from the brink of divorce.

Correct Viewpoints for Christians to Choose a Spouse

By She Qi Marriage is a major thing in everyone’s life, so how can we choose a partner in a way that will ensure happiness? What are your criteria for selecting a spouse? These days, more and more wo...

Thank God for His Arrangements, I’m Satisfied With My Marriage

Marriage is predestined by God. When I am willing to obey God’s arrangements, I no longer despise my husband for his lack of ability and finally enjoy marital bliss.

By Practicing God’s Words I Get Along Harmoniously With My Husband

No matter she tried to hold back or argue with her husband, the conflict in her marriage wasn’t resolved. But later she gained a happy marriage. How did she make it?

How to Get Over the Pain Brought by an Affair? He Acted This Way

Why did his wife betray him? When he understood the root cause of it, he finally got over the pain brought by his wife’s affair.

Learn How to Recover From a Breakup From a Christian’s Story

After a painful breakup, he lost confidence in life. It was God’s love that guided him to recover from it and regain the hope of life.

Get Over the Pain That My Husband Had an Affair

A true story: She was once filled with pain because her husband had an affair. But she totally gets over the pain of her husband’s affair and lives happily now!

Getting Over the Pain of Divorce and Finding True Happiness

She had been seeking a happy marriage, but it was full of pain. However, after her marriage break-up, she found true happiness. What exactly is it?

God’s Words Got My Husband Back

By Yifei, Japan My husband is not only good-looking, he also has a better education and a decent job. What’s more, he once was a soldier and had gone to war. He is better than me in appearance, edu...

How to Let Go of Hatred of Husband

I still remembered a piece of prose entitled “Transient Days,” which expresses the author’s resignation of fleeting life. Our life is a theater, in which each of us plays our own role; every stage of ...

The Bitterness of the Romantic Love Taught Me to Obey God’s Sovereignty

Jieni, a post-90s boy, liked watching soap opera very much. Every time when he saw the plots that the heroine ignores the parental objections and abandons her high status to run away with the hero for...

Who Is It That Saved Her Marriage?

By Aixin, Germany When Jingyu was two months old, she was given to another family to grow up. Her adoptive parents treated her as their own daughter and his two adopted brothers also loved her deep...