Christian Dance | "Kingdom Anthem: The Kingdom Descends Upon the World" | Gospel Choir Song

The stirring kingdom anthem has rung out, announcing God's arrival among man to the whole universe! The kingdom of God has come! All people cheer, all things rejoice! Everything throughout the heavens brims with merriment. What captivating scenes of jubilation are these?

2019 Christian Dance "Praise for New Life in the Kingdom" | God's People Praise God

We’ve heard God’s voice and returned to His house. In gatherings we eat and drink God’s words, we’re attending the banquet. We bid farewell to our sorrows and entanglements, we’re leading a new life...

Praise Song "God's Deeds Fill the Vast Expanse of the Universe"

1. God looks down upon all things from on high, and dominates all things from on high. At the same time, God has sent His salvation over the earth. God is watching from His secret place all the time,...

Praise Song "God's Love Circles My Heart"

The Sun of righteousness rises in the East. O God! Your glory fills the heaven and earth. My beautiful beloved, Your love circles my heart.

Christian Music Video "Only Honest People Have a Human Likeness" | The Love of God Saved Me

Christian Music Video: Who can save me from this abyss of sin? God’s voice led me before Him and be honest is no longer hard. My heart is filled with sweetness.

Christian Music Video | "Our Church Life Is So Lovely"

Our Church Life Is So Lovely - Praise Song | Almighty God incarnate, we sing loud praises to You. You bring us into the kingdom life.

Praise Song | "Almighty God, You Are So Glorious" (Christian Music Video)

Almighty God, You Are So Glorious - Praise Song | The last Christ, Almighty God, You are the Redeemer come again. You speak to the people, using the truth to judge and purify them.

Christian Dance | "During the Last Days, God Principally Uses the Word to Accomplish All"

In the end, God’s word will show authority and let all people see that “God is as good as His word, and His word shall be accomplished, and that which is accomplished lasts forever,” and that God’s word accomplishes everything!

Christian Music Video | "God's True Love" (A Cappella)

God's True Love - Acapella Hymns |Today I come before God again, and see His lovely face. Today I come before God again, and say goodbye to my drifting past.

Christian Music Video | "Praise the New Life" (A Cappella)

Praise the New Life - Acapella Hymns | It is God’s word that has changed me, so I have the new life of praising God. (Hallelujah!) Pain and perplexity are gone;

Christian Music Video | "Love the Practical God With All Our Heart" (A Cappella)

Who would not love the lovely God? With all my heart I only love my God. I love nothing in the world; with all my heart I only love my God.

Christian Music Video | "Praise the Accomplishment of God's Work" (A Cappella)

Praise the accomplishment of God’s work. God has gained full glory. All the people have submitted themselves before God, fulfilling their respective function and keeping their own place.

Christian Music Video | "Christ's Kingdom Is a Warm Home"

Christ’s kingdom is my warm home, it belongs to all of God’s people. Christ walks and speaks in the church and lives together with God’s people.

Kids Dance | Praise Song "Those Who Sincerely Love God Are All Honest People" | New Life of Kingdom

Those Who Sincerely Love God Are All Honest People - Pure and honest like a child, innocent and lively, full of youthful vitality, they are like angels that come to the world.

Christian Music Video | "The Result Achieved by Knowing God" (A Cappella)

One day, you will feel that the Creator is no longer a riddle, that the Creator has never been hidden from you,that the Creator has never concealed His face from you

Christian Music Video | "It's Such a Joy to Be an Honest Person" (A Cappella)

Honest people, come quickly, let’s talk heart to heart. All God-loving people, come gather and join as good friends. All truth-loving people are brothers and sisters.

Christian Song | "Only the Creator Has Pity on This Mankind"

The Creator is among man at all times, He is always in conversation with man and the entirety of creation, and He is performing new deeds every day. His substance and disposition are expressed in His...

Praise Song | "All Things Live in the Rules and Laws Set Down by God"

1. Thousands of years passed by, humans still enjoy the light and the air bestowed by God. Humans still breathe in and out the breath exhaled by God Himself. Humans still enjoy things created by God,...