Christian Family Movie "Where Is My Home" Clip- Only God Can Save Mankind and Free Us From Pain

Christian Family Movie Clip "Where Is My Home" Introduction Why is there suffering in human life? Many wrestle with this but never find the answer. Wenya and her family encounter an unforeseen chan...

"The Sun Never Sets on Integrity" – Based on a True Story

"The Sun Never Sets on Integrity" Introduction Wang Xinyu and her husband run a clothing shop, and though at first they try to operate their store with integrity and conscience, they don't earn muc...

Christian Family Movie "A Mother's Love" - A Heart-touching Christian Story

"A Mother's Love" Introduction A Mother's Love is a Christian family movie that examines the subject of how to raise children. "Knowledge can change your fate" and "The son becomes a dragon, the da...

Christian Movie “It’s Good to Believe in God” – God Has Given Me a Happy Life

Christian Movie “It’s Good to Believe in God” Introduction To earn enough money to live a good life, Ding Ruilin and her husband put in bitterly hard work to open and run a business. But, thanks to...

“Child, Come Back Home” Clip: Experiences and Testimony of Successfully Breaking Gaming Addiction After Believing in God

In this movie clip, a group of Christians give an account of their experiences and testimony of how they successfully quit the internet after coming to believe in God …

“Child, Come Back Home” Clip: Sincere Faith in God Can Successfully Break Gaming Addiction

The teenage web addict, Li Xinguang, was afflicted by his addiction to the internet. When he prayed to God and relied on God, and he found the way to successfully break his web addiction.

“Child, Come Back Home” Clip: Why Is the World So Dark and Evil?

Many youngsters enthralled by online gaming. Why does this society have to constantly develop online gaming to poison our youngsters? Why is the world so dark and evil?

“Child, Come Back Home” Clip: There Is a Way to Break the Addiction of Young Web Addicts

There are many youngsters in modern society who are enthralled by online gaming and are unable to free themselves. This movie clip, There Is a Way to Break the Addiction of Young Web Addicts, will shine a light for us.

Christian Family Movie “Child, Come Back Home”: How a Gaming-Addicted Boy Successfully Turns His Life Around

Under the guidance of God's words, this son who had been hopelessly lost in internet games and internet cafés finally came home!

"Where Is My Home" – God Gave Me a Happy Family (English Dubbed Movie)

Wenya's parents separated when she was two, and after that she lived with her father and stepmother. Her stepmother couldn't stand her and was always arguing with her father.