Christian Dance | "Kingdom Anthem: The Kingdom Descends Upon the World" | Gospel Choir Song

The stirring kingdom anthem has rung out, announcing God's arrival among man to the whole universe! The kingdom of God has come! All people cheer, all things rejoice! Everything throughout the heavens...

2020 English Christian Song | "The Significance of God's Name"

In each stage of God’s work, there’s a basis for His name. It holds special meaning, each name stands for one age. God’s names through the ages —Jehovah, Jesus and Messiah— all represent God’s Spirit...

"Give Up Religious Notions to Be Perfected by God" | 2020 English Gospel Song With Lyrics

1 If you accept the judgment and chastisement of the word of God, drop religious ways, do not use old notions to measure God’s new words, then you will have a future. But if you cling to the old thin...

English Song About Prayer With Lyrics | "The Significance of Prayer"

Prayer is one of the ways how man cooperates with God, to call upon His Spirit and to be touched by God. The more you pray, the more you’ll be touched, enlightened and strong-minded. People as suc...

Praise Song | "God's Love and Essence Has Always Been Selfless"

God gives His best, His best side He gives. The best things, very best things, He gives. Never disclosing or showing His suffering. God, He endures, waiting in silence. Not cold or numb, not a sig...

2020 Praise Song | "Come to Zion With Praising" (A Cappella)

"Almighty God! Universe Ruler, Last Christ, our bright and shining Sun, risen from the universe’s most majestic Mount Zion. Almighty God! Come to Zion with praising."

English Christian Song | "True Faith Comes Only From Knowing God"

“God’s work now is to speak, no more signs, nor wonders. It’s not the Age of Grace. God is normal and real. In the last days He’s not the supernatural Jesus, but a practical God in flesh, no different...

English Christian Song | "Emulate the Lord Jesus"

“Jesus completed God’s mission, the redemption work of all man by giving His cares to God’s will, without selfish purpose or plans.”...

"Only Those Who Accept the Truth Can Hear God's Voice" | English Gospel Song With Lyrics

"Where there is the appearance of God, there’s expression of the truth and the voice of God. Only those who accept the truth can hear God’s voice and witness His appearance."

2019 Gospel Music With Lyrics | "The Incarnate God Leads Mankind Into a New Era"

"The incarnate God, He brings to an end the age when only Jehovah's back was seen. He also concludes the age of belief when in vagueness God was perceived."

2020 English Christian Song With Lyrics | "The Purpose of God's Management Work"

"While God’s work differs in each, it all accords to what mankind needs, or to be more precise, it accords to the tricks used by Satan while battling Him."

"True Meaning of Faith in God" | 2020 English Christian Song With Lyrics

"So many people believe, but so few understand what faith in God really means, what they need to do to beat with God's heart."

"God Treasures Those Who Hear and Obey Him" | English Christian Song

"God treasures such people, and cherishes their actions, and their love and affection for Him. This is God's attitude."

2020 Christian Music Video | "How to Search for God's Footprints" | English Gospel Song

"Since we are searching for the footprints of God, we must search, search for God's will, search for God's words and the utterances of God, search for God's words and the utterances of God."

"Do You Know God's Work?" | English Christian Devotional Song With Lyrics

"God's work in the flesh is not spectacular, nor is it shrouded in mystery. It's real and actual, like one and one is two; it's not hidden and there's no duplicity."

Praise Song "God's Deeds Fill the Vast Expanse of the Universe"

1. God looks down upon all things from on high, and dominates all things from on high. At the same time, God has sent His salvation over the earth. God is watching from His secret place all the time,...

"How God Rules Over All Things" | 2020 English Christian Song With Lyrics

God says "whatever your background or the journey ahead of you, none can escape the orchestration and arrangement that Heaven has in store..."...

Christian Devotional Song | "Give Mind and Body to Fulfill God's Commission"

Gospel music with lyrics, As members of the human race, it’s our duty to offer up our minds and bodies for the fulfillment of God’s commission....