Christian Dance | "Praise God With an Undivided Heart" | Praise Song

Pre-verse 1 We gather to eat, drink, enjoy God’s words, and we receive the Holy Spirit’s work. Verse 1 We think of God, pray-read, have fellowship, and we meditate, ponder, and seek God. L...

2019 Christian Dance "Praise for New Life in the Kingdom" | God's People Praise God

We’ve heard God’s voice and returned to His house. In gatherings we eat and drink God’s words, we’re attending the banquet. We bid farewell to our sorrows and entanglements, we’re leading a new life...

Kids Dance | Praise Song "Those Who Sincerely Love God Are All Honest People"

I Pure and honest, like an innocent child, bright and full of youthful vitality, they are like angels that come to the world. With no deceit, just open hearts, they’re dignified. They give their ...

Christian Music Video | "Our Church Life Is So Lovely"

Our Church Life Is So Lovely - Praise Song | Almighty God incarnate, we sing loud praises to You. You bring us into the kingdom life.

Praise Song | "Almighty God, You Are So Glorious" (Christian Music Video)

Almighty God, You Are So Glorious - Praise Song | The last Christ, Almighty God, You are the Redeemer come again. You speak to the people, using the truth to judge and purify them.

Christian Dance | "During the Last Days, God Principally Uses the Word to Accomplish All"

In the end, God’s word will show authority and let all people see that “God is as good as His word, and His word shall be accomplished, and that which is accomplished lasts forever,” and that God’s word accomplishes everything!

Christian Music Video | "Christ's Kingdom Is a Warm Home"

Christ’s kingdom is my warm home, it belongs to all of God’s people. Christ walks and speaks in the church and lives together with God’s people.

Kids Dance | Praise Song "Those Who Sincerely Love God Are All Honest People" | New Life of Kingdom

Those Who Sincerely Love God Are All Honest People - Pure and honest like a child, innocent and lively, full of youthful vitality, they are like angels that come to the world.

Christian Dance | "Song of Sweet Love" | Praise Song

I Deep in my heart, it is Your love. So sweet, I get close to You. Caring about You sweetens my heart; serving You with all my mind. Guiding my heart, it is Your love; I follow Your footsteps of ...

Christian Dance | "The Happiness in the Good Land of Canaan"

The Happiness in the Good Land of Canaan” is a cheerful experience hymn, expressive of the excitement and joy of all those who have accepted Almighty God’s work in the last days

Welcome the Return of the Lord Jesus | "God Has Brought His Glory to the East"

God will let all who are in search see the light again and the glory He had in Israel, see God has come down upon a white cloud among men

Christian Dance | "Christ's Kingdom Is Realized Among Men" | Praise Song

God’s tabernacle arrives among men. The universe stirs and nations worship, God’s will is carried out on earth. Christ’s kingdom is realized among men.