Why Do We Need to Pray? Does God Answer Our Prayers?

Hello Sister Wang Qing, Good day! Not long ago my elder sister preached the gospel of the Lord Jesus to me. After joining the church, I was told by my elder sister that every day, we need to pray t...

How to Pray to God Effectively: 2 Ways

Praying is a required daily practice for us Christians, but how should we make effective prayers so that God will listen? The answer is, we must speak the words within our hearts to God in our prayers, and be reasonable without making demands of God or making deals with Him.

Bible Verses of the Lord Jesus’ Teaching About Prayer

Prayer is very important for Christians. Then how can we pray in accordance with the Lord’s will? Here we’ve selected some Bible verses about the Lord Jesus’ teaching about prayer. Let’s follow the Lo...

4 Principles of Prayer to God

How can I have my prayers answered by God? Follow four principles of prayer, you’ll get God’s guidance and leadership.

How to Pray to God So That God Answers Our Prayers: 3 Principles

Why doesn’t God answer our prayers after we pray to Him? These 3 principles of praying to God will help you receive God’s guidance and leadership easily.

4 Keys to Help Our Prayers Be Accepted by God

There are four keys we should learn from people in the Bible, which can help our prayers be accepted by God and avoid wrong prayers.

The Tragedy of Religious Prayers

One day, I came back home from the church meeting, my legs aching. I sat on my bed, patting my two legs and humming a hymn quietly, “We have to praise Jehovah, because all things are out of Him. He is...

I No Longer Pray Just for God’s Grace

Why should we believe in God? Can we pray only for God’s grace? Let’s see how he understand the true meaning of belief in God and no longer pray for God’s grace.