Christian Movie | Why Is There Such Widespread Desolation in the Religious World? (Highlights)

Gospel Movie "From the Throne Flows the Water of Life" Clip Introduction The entire religious world is currently going through a serious famine, they are no longer together with the Holy Spirit's w...

Christian Movie | Exploring the Cause of Desolate Churches (Highlights)

In recent years, the religious world has become more and more desolate and there have been more and more iniquities, pastors and elders have nothing to preach and have lost the work of the Holy Spirit...

What Should We Do in the Face of Famine in the Church Prophesied in the Bible?

A gust of autumn wind blew through, sweeping up the fallen leaves in the yard. Sitting by the window, I frowned and pondered over these verses, “Behold, the days come … that I will send a famine in th...

Why Fasting and Prayer Cannot Resolve the Issue of Desolation in the Church

Lin Ke, a Christian, desperate to resolve the issue of desolation in the church, has fasted and prayed countless times. However, in the end, there is still no resolution to this issue.

How to Gain the Presence of God in Spiritual Weakness

The church has lost the presence of God and grown desolate. Brothers and sisters feel weak in spirit. Preachers have nothing to preach about. So how can we revive the church and gain the presence of God? This article will tell you the answer.

Feeling Spiritually Dry and Far From God?- Analysis of Condition of Church

Most brothers and sisters are negative and weak, feeling spiritually dry and far from God. Why does God cause famine to befall the world of religion? What’s God’s will?