Praise Song "All Creation Must Come Under God's Dominion" | Christian Music Video

God created all things, and so He makes all creation come under His rule, and submit to His dominion. He commands all things, controlling them in His hands. Living things, mountains, rive...

Christian Song "Blessed Are Those Who Accept God's New Work" | Christian Music Video

Blessed are all those who are able to obey the present utterances of the Holy Spirit. No matter how they used to be, or how the Holy Spirit used to work within them, those who've gained the late...

Christian Music Video | "When You Open Your Heart to God" (Filipino Song)

When you do not understand God and do not know His nature, your hearts can never truly open, open up to God.Once you understand your God, you will understand what's in His heart, and savor what lies in Him with all your faith and heed.