Christian Movie | How to Know That Christ Is the Truth, the Way and the Life (Highlights)

Clip Introduction: God's two incarnations both testify that "Christ is the truth, the way and the life." Why is it said that Christ is the truth, the way and the life?

Christian Movie | The Mystery of God's Incarnation (Highlights)

In the Age of Grace, God incarnated and became the Lord Jesus who came to redeem mankind, and the Jewish Pharisees said that the Lord Jesus was only a man.In the last days...

Christian Movie | The Difference Between the Normal Humanity of Christ and the Humanity of Corrupt Mankind (Highlights)

God incarnates to save man and, from the outside, God incarnate appears to be an ordinary person. What's the difference between God incarnate's normal humanity and the humanity of corrupt mankind?

Christian Movie | How to Understand God Incarnate (Highlights)

Short christian video clips about how to understand God Incarnate. What exactly is the incarnation? What is the essence of the incarnation?