Eastern lightning, Gospel, Salvation

I don’t think believing in God is that complicated and that one doesn’t need to be too focused or too invested in it. So long as I keep going to church every week, do my devotions and give alms, and in the normal course of events also attend some activities organized by the church, then this is believing in God and I can be saved. I’d like to ask whether this conception I have is correct or not?

  Bible Verses for Reference: The kingdom of heaven suffers violence, and the violent take it by force (Mat 11:12). Not…


An Enforced Resignation

Since Headmaster Wang knew about Li Jin’s belief in God, …The headmaster told him that he had better clearly see the situation, or else believing in God under the CCP’s nose would not come to a good end. He also obliged Li Jin to return to school to work, otherwise his salary would suffer loss.

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