God Saved Me From a Sudden Traffic Accident

God Protected Me in a Sudden Traffic Accident

On the afternoon of December 19, 2014, at past one o’clock, I and Sister Xiaoqing rode a motorbike to work. I was on the back seat. The wind from the northwest was blowing so strongly that my face and ears were red with cold. On the halfway, I couldn’t stand the cold and leaned my head against Sister Xiaoqing’s back. Unconsciously, I didn’t know when I fell asleep.

Afterward, I heard Sister Xiaoqing shouting hastily, “Sister Liu Jing! Are you all right? Where are you hurt?” When I opened my eyes, seeing her shocked face and hearing her half-crying voice, I, with a puzzled look, didn’t understand why she asked me these questions. Then I said, “I’m fine.” But when I was ready to stand up, I let out a cry of pain and couldn’t do it. Just then, I was truly awake. I found I was sitting on the edge of the road, and at a distance of several centimeters there was a ditch about three meters deep. I had nearly fallen into the ditch. In that case, wouldn’t I have suffered fractures? I felt rather astounded: What happened? I looked around in alarm and saw the sister’s motorbike lying at the roadside, with its body broken. Behind the motorbike, there was a green truck and a corner of its head was knocked loose. From this, I could imagine how dangerous the scene that had just happened was. It was really our lives hanging by a thread!

At this time, Sister Xiaoqing was crying and saying to me, “We have an accident! Just now, a truck suddenly came up from below the mountain road nearby. When I found it, it was already too late to brake, so our motorbike crashed into it.” As a result, I was thrown more than ten meters away to the edge of the road and Sister Xiaoqing slid down to the roadside along the motorbike. Amazingly, she wasn’t hurt. She told me that she was afraid to look at the scene once again at that time, because the truck knocked on my right leg and its sheet iron stuck into my pants, and then I was thrown and was dragged for a few meters on the ground. Here I just came to myself and knew the ins and outs of this accident. I truly thanked God’s protection from my heart. Then I saw my arm was lacerated, that my red jacket had several splits, and that my shoes were broken too badly to wear. But most seriously, in my shank, there was a triangle-shaped wound, more than ten centimeters long, and it was cut deep. I felt so frightened that I couldn’t help crying. I daren’t see my wound again. However, it was strange that the wound wasn’t bleeding and my leg couldn’t move. I thought: Is my leg broken? Will I be disabled? …

Later, I was sent to the hospital. After a series of examination, the doctor told me, “Fortunately, your leg isn’t broken, though the wound is a little deep.” Because that road was full of gravel, when the doctor cleaned the wound, much dust and tiny gravel was found in my wound. If the wound wasn’t cleaned up, it would cause inflammation. So the doctor suggested that I should have an operation—cutting off the flesh around the wound before stitching. Because I couldn’t be given an anesthetic when the wound was cleaned, I couldn’t keep from shouting out in pain but the doctor stopped me. I had no idea but to pray to God in my heart, asking Him to give me strength to overcome the pain of my body. After prayer, I obviously felt God’s care and protection, because my body didn’t feel as painful. Later, the operation was done and the doctor said to me, “If you feel pain, you can take some pain-killers.”

At night, I learned: A patient around me still couldn’t sleep well for the pain despite having been operated on for a month; the other one who had her operation done for a few days still yelped out in pain all day, even though having taken the pain-killers. However, I was not a bit pained after being just operated on. The patients around me all felt unbelievable and asked me, “Do you really not feel pain?” When I answered yes, they all admired me and praised me for being able to suffer pain. Actually, in my heart I clearly knew that it was God’s keeping for me. I gave thanks to God in my heart.

The next day, the persons of the Emergency Department came to the sickroom and consulted me about the process of the accident. I told them: As our motorbike was traveling at the speed of 60 miles an hour, the truck knocked on my right leg, and then I was thrown for about over ten meters. When the other patients and their relatives heard what I said, they all felt miraculous: In a big collision, how is it even possible that I didn’t get a fracture but only had the leg lacerated? Each of them was in astonishment. Some said I was lucky because anyone in such an accident would either have fractured or died. Some said I was lucky and must accumulate virtues for myself. The others said that I must have met a lucky star. However, I knew it was God that watched over and protected me. Then I saw God’s words: “As for what God is doing, He is protecting you with each passing moment, steering you away from one misfortune after another and from one disaster after another. This is why I say that everything man has—peace and joy, blessings and personal safety—is in fact all under God’s control; He guides and decides the fate of every individual.” God rules over our mankind’s fate and everything of us. In the face of the disasters, only God can protect us, making us peaceful and keeping us from losing our lives easily. Experiencing this accident, although I suffered some fleshly pain, yet I saw God’s great power and wondrousness, and gained some true understanding of God’s almightiness and sovereignty. My faith in God also increased. This is no doubt a valuable treasure.

Relying on the True God, There Is No Worry

A few years passed. The every scene of that year is still clearly visible in my mind. Although I suffered a dangerous accident, I haven’t lived in fear and worry like those unbelievers who are afraid of coming to an end by accident someday, because I know God is watching over and protecting me by my side. In the church, I communicate God’s words with brothers and sisters at gatherings, and perform my duty to proclaim and testify God’s name. Every day my life is enriching and is also full of peace and joy. Whenever seeing on television the news reports about the traffic accidents, disasters and emergencies that happened somewhere, I find those who haven’t come before God are full of fear and terror when faced with these calamities. Yet I don’t feel nervous at all, because I know that everything is in God’s hand. With God as my rear guard, I feel secure and peaceful.

Thank God! It is God who saves me to come before Him, allows me to try my best to perform my duties, bestows every aspect of the truth upon me, supports my life, and leads me to have ways of practice when something comes upon me. I have lived a secure and peaceful life. God is my Rock and when I fall into the tribulation, He is my rear guard, making me peacefully face all these hardships and obstacles. Thinking of those who have not come before God, they have no place for God in their hearts, so their spirits are lonely and without reliance, and they live in fear all day long. Especially, when the disasters happen, they even live in fright and terror, desolate and helpless. The reason that I don’t live like them is all owing to God’s salvation, which spares me from these concerns and gives me liberation and freedom.