Witnessing God’s Wonderful Deeds After Obeying Him

Witnessing God’s Wonderful Deeds After Obeying Him

By Chen Xin, China She Suddenly Learns That Her Daughter-in-law Has Cancer “Xiaolin, what is wrong?” asked Xinrui with concern as she picked up the phone. “Mom, the doctor says Xiaojie has liver cancer, and it is already late stage,” answered Xiaolin, choked with sobs. This terrible news came like a bolt from the blue to Xinrui and she immediately collapsed onto a stool in the yard. She thought: “My daughter-in-law is only in her thirties and was always in good health, so how come she’s suddenly contracted such a serious illness? My husband has died, my elder son lives far away and cannot take care of us, and my grandson is only ten years old. If my daughter-in-law were to die, then would our family …” Xinrui didn’t dare continue down that line of thinking. She then took a deep breath to calm down and comforted her son, saying, “Don’t worry, Xiaolin. Maybe the doctor has misdiagnosed her. You should take Xiaojie to another hospital for more checkups.” “She received the examination at the best provincial hospital. It can’t be wrong,” said Xiaolin with certainty. “Even if the diagnosis is right, there must be a cure for Xiaojie’s illness since medicine is very advanced today. Don’t worry about it,” Xinrui comforted her son, but in her heart she really wished that the hospital had made a mistake, for in that case her daughter-in-law wouldn’t be in mortal danger. “The doctors have thoroughly examined Xiaojie. They say the cancer cells have spread throughout her body and that there is nothing they can do about it. They even refuse to accept her,” said Xiaolin in sobs. Xiaolin’s words shattered the last shred of hope in Xinrui’s heart. She felt painfully empty and thought: “During this period of time, I’ve been actively performing my duties in the church, doing whatever the church arranged for me to do without any delay, so why did this thing happen to our family? Why hasn’t God protected us?” Xinrui felt as pained and distraught as though her heart had been cloven in two. Worry and despair flooded her mind, and she couldn’t stop her tears from falling. Despite this, she forced herself to hold it together and said to her son, “If this provincial hospital doesn’t accept Xiaojie, take her to other hospitals. Stay calm and do not panic. We will do whatever we can to treat her.” The next day, it was snowing heavily outside. Inside the room, Xinrui was anxiously waiting for Xiaolin to call. “Xiaolin, how is Xiaojie now?” asked Xinrui as soon as she got through to Xiaolin. “Mom, there is a hospital that is willing to take Xiaojie, but the doctors still say because Xiaojie’s illness has become advanced, they can’t do anything about it. They say if we want them to keep treating her, they will do everything they can, but we may lose both her and our money in the end,” said Xiaolin, sounding worried. “No matter what, as long as the hospital is willing to accept Xiaojie, there is a hope that she will be cured.” Xinrui held up and encouraged her son, but her heart was overwhelmed with worry and anxiety. A few days later, when she called again to ask about Xiaojie’s condition, Xiaolin told her, “Xiaojie has just undergone a surgery. After a CT scan and a consultation, it is confirmed that the tumors are on her cervical vertebrae and legs. Because her cervical vertebrae had been dislocated, we spent 90,000 yuan to buy a steel plate from Beijing and the doctors have inserted it into her body. When they were operating on her legs, they found the bones there are also diseased. Now Xiaojie is under observation in the ICU surrounded by machines, tubes are inserted everywhere in her body, and her breathing is very shallow. Before, about half an hour after the surgery, she suddenly stopped breathing, and it took the doctors ten minutes to bring her back. They say her illness doesn’t seem like cancer.” After hanging up the phone, Xinrui instantly collapsed onto her bed and her heart was burning with anxiety. She didn’t know what to do but could only pace back and forth in the room. In panic, she knelt on her bed and made a prayer to God, but after that she still couldn’t calm down, so she hurriedly went to Sister Liu’s house in the neighborhood. As soon as she got there, Sister Liu asked her with concern what had happened. “My son called and said Xiaojie has cancer, and it is already late stage. What … what should I … do?” Before finishing speaking, Xinrui’s face had been wet with tears and she could say nothing more through her sobs. Sister Liu poured a glass of water for Xinrui and then comforted her, saying, “Relax. Take it easy.” She Finds the Way of Practice Through Fellowship Xinrui then told Sister Liu about her daughter-in-law’s condition as well as her worries and fear. She said, “Over these years, I’ve been performing my duties in the church to the best of my ability, so how could this happen to my family? Why hasn’t God protected us? What is God’s will in this?” Learning about what was happening to Xinrui, Brother Zhang (Sister Liu’s husband) fellowshiped to her, “Sister, when something not in accord with our notions comes to us, though we don’t know what God’s will is, we mustn’t complain to God and blame Him, but should first submit and seek the truth. Let’s look at what God’s words say about this.” Brother Zhang then opened up the book of God’s word and began to read: “In every step of work that God does within people, externally it appears to be interactions between people, as if born of human arrangements, or from human interference. But behind the scenes, every step of work, and everything that happens, is a wager made by Satan before God, and requires people…

Christian Video "God Bless": How to Get God's Protection in the Disasters of the Last Days

Christian Video “God Bless” – How to Get God’s Protection in the Disasters of the Last Days

“God Bless” Introduction People often say that “Storms gather without warning and misfortune befalls men overnight.” In our present age of rapidly expanding science, modern transportation and material wealth, the disasters that are happening all around us increase each day. When we flip open the newspaper or turn on the TV, what we mainly see is: wars, earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, fires, floods, air crashes, mining disasters, societal unrest, violent conflicts, terrorist attacks etc. All we see are natural calamities and man-made disasters. These disasters are frequently occurring and they are becoming increasingly intense. This onslaught of disaster brings with it suffering, blood, maiming and death. Misfortunes occur around us at all times, emphasizing the brevity and frailness of life. We have no way of predicting what kind of disasters we will encounter in the future. Moreover, we do not know what course of action we should take. As members of mankind, what should we do to break free from these disasters? In this program, you will find out the answer. You will find out the only way to receive God’s protection so that you can survive the impending disasters.   » You can click here to watch more:

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Testimony of Healing: I Prayed This Way After My Daughter Suffered a Cerebral Hemorrhage

By Zhongxin “Ma’am, Xiaowei had a brain hemorrhage. She’s in the hospital right now, and the doctor says they need to operate immediately …” I was shocked when I received a call from my daughter’s friend in Thailand. No wonder I hadn’t been able to reach my daughter on the phone the last few days. My daughter was sick, and very seriously. In the moment, I didn’t know what to do. When I put down the phone, I quickly went before God and prayed, “God! My daughter has had a brain hemorrhage in Thailand and needs surgery. You know that I am small in stature, and I don’t know what to do about such a thing happening to me. I can only look to You and entrust this to You. My daughter’s life and death are in Your hands. Please enlighten and guide me as I rely on You.” Before long, my phone rang again, and my daughter’s friend hurriedly said, “Ma’am, Xiaowei’s condition is very serious, and she may not make it through the surgery. You should open WeChat to see her one last time!” When I heard her say this might be the last time I saw my daughter, I suddenly panicked. I felt myself go limp, and tears flowed from my eyes. I quickly opened WeChat on my phone and saw my daughter lying in a hospital bed connected to an oxygen machine. I was stunned, and my whole body began to shake. I kept asking myself, “Is this really the last time I’ll see my daughter?” Joy and Sadness as I See My Daughter Clinging to Life in a Foreign Land The next day I went with my niece to apply for a passport. On the evening of January 31, we took a plane from China to Thailand. I was confused, and prayed silently to God, “God! I am worried about my daughter. Was her surgery successful? Will I arrive to see a living daughter? God! I’m very confused right now. Please keep my heart quiet in Your presence.” After praying, I thought of these words of God: “Because I am your Father, I am your strong tower, I am your shelter, I am your backup, and moreover I am your Almighty One, and I am your everything!” Yes! God was my backing and my greatest support. Whether my daughter was healthy or unhealthy, and her life and death, were in God’s hands. God is omnipotent, and I should entrust my daughter to God. Gradually, my panicked heart calmed itself. Early on the morning of February 1st, we arrived at the hospital in Thailand. My daughter was lying motionless on the bed, her eyes were closed, her face was yellowed and thin, her hair was completely shaved, and the wound where she had been cut open was sewn shut with dense stitches. The sight of her made my heart ache. I touched her hand with mine, and when she didn’t react, tears burst from my eyes. My daughter’s friend said softly to console me, “The doctor said Xiaowei’s operation was very successful. She simply has a bad headache, and she didn’t sleep last night, so she needs to sleep for a while. You should also go get some rest.” Hearing the news that my daughter’s surgery was successful finally alleviated the anxiety in my heart. A little over two hours later, I returned to the hospital. My daughter was awake. She saw me and said with a weak voice, “Mom, what are you doing here? I’m not dreaming, am I? Mom, please help me, I’m in so much pain.” I lay down next to my daughter and said with concern, “Honey, people’s lives are in God’s hands. Call out to God, and God will help us.” In the Revelations of God’s Words, I Discover My Intentions in My Belief in God Are Incorrect After that, I looked at my daughter, who still seemed to be in great pain, which was very upsetting for me. I thought to myself, “I only have one daughter. My husband and I both believe in God and do our duties, and no matter how many brothers and sisters we need to receive, we are happy to expend and pay the price, so why could such a disaster happen to us? If anything happens to my daughter and she dies here, my life will be meaningless, so I might as well die here too.” The moment I had the thought, I felt I was in the wrong state. I realized that this was blaming and misunderstanding God, and falling into the snare of Satan’s temptation. I quickly came before God and called out, “God! Please keep me, so that my heart may be still before You. No matter whether my daughter lives or dies, I believe everything is in Your hands. No matter what You do, it is righteous. I know that Your good intentions are behind this matter, so I ask for Your enlightenment and guidance, so that I may understand what lessons I should learn from this.” Later, I saw these words from God: “You hope that your faith in God will not entail any challenges or tribulations, or the slightest hardship. You always pursue those things that are worthless, and you attach no value to life, instead putting your own extravagant thoughts before the truth. You are so worthless! … What you pursue is to be able to gain peace after believing in God—for your children to be free from illness, for your husband to have a good job, for your son to find a good wife, for your daughter to find a decent husband, for your oxen and horses to plough the land well, for a year of good weather for your crops. This is what you seek. Your pursuit is only to live in comfort, for no accidents to befall your family, for the winds to pass you by, for your face to be untouched by…

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