Be Quiet Before God and Draw Near to Him – Reflection on James 4:8

Today’s Gospel Draw near to God, and he will draw near to you. - James 4:8 Reflection As Christians, we should often quiet our hearts before God and get close to Him—this is the way to maintain a...

3 Ways on How to Get Closer to God

In busy work and life, how should we practice to get closer to God? We all know that building a close relationship with God in order to get closer to God and receive more of the Holy Spirit’s work is crucial.

4 Tips on How to Have a Close Relationship With God

How can we have a normal relationship with God? Here are 4 tips every Christian need to know. Firstly, we should frequently have real prayer and association with God. ...

3 Ways to Quiet Your Heart Before God When You’re Busy

Here are 3 ways to quiet your heart before God so that you won’t be subject to the impact of all sorts of people, events, and things. Your spiritual life will grow.

How to Draw Near to God Anytime: 3 Useful Principles of Practice

Are you busy? Have you practiced your spiritual devotional today? This article will tell you the secret to being close to God, so that you can draw your life closer to God.

Christian Music Video | "Come Before God Often"

Come Before God Often - Christian Music Video | No matter what test or judgment comes, we will work to appease Him. Come often before God. Come often before God and live His truth.

3 Principles for Christians to Gain the Work of the Holy Spirit

Do you want to gain the work of the Holy Spirit, and be enlightened by God when reading the Bible? Christians should follow the 4 principles.