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Discussing Church Life and Real Life

People feel that they are only able to transform during their church life, and that transformation is not possible outside of church life, that they are unable to achieve transformation in their real life. Can you recognize what the issue is? I used to talk about bringing God into real life, and this is the path for those believing in God to enter into the reality of God’s words. In fact, church life is only a limited way to perfect men. The primary environment for perfecting men remains to be real life. This is the actual practice and actual training that I talked about, which allows men to achieve a life of normal humanity and to live out the likeness of a real man during everyday life. One must first learn to be cultured in order to elevate his own cultural quality, to be able to understand God’s words, to have the capability to understand. On the other hand, one must be equipped with the basic knowledge required to live as a man, so as to achieve the insight and sense of normal humanity, because men have almost none in regard to these areas. Furthermore, one must also come to savor God’s words through church life, and gradually come to have a clear understanding of the truth. Why is it said that, in believing in God, one must bring God into real life? Not only could the church life transform man, but more importantly, man should enter into reality in real life. You used to always talk about your spiritual state and spiritual matters, while neglecting training in many things, as well as neglecting your entry into them. You wrote every day, you listened every day, and you read every day. You prayed when you were cooking: “Oh God! May You become my life within me. How should I pass this day? Please bless me, enlighten me. If You must enlighten me today, please let me achieve such understanding in this moment, so that I can have Your words as my life.” You prayed when you were eating dinner: “Oh God! You have bestowed on us this meal. I wish that You would bless us, amen. Please allow us to rely on You for our lives. May You be with us. Amen.” After you finished your dinner, when you were washing the dishes, you started rambling again: “Oh God, I am this bowl. After this bowl has been used, it has become like us, corrupted by Satan, and now it must be washed with water, and You are the water, Your words are the living water that provides for my life.” After having said that, when it was time for bed, you started rambling again: “Oh God! You have blessed me and guided me through the day. I am truly grateful to You….” This was how you passed your day and entered into your slumber. Most people lived like this every day, and even until now, they have not paid attention to entry in real life, they only focus on paying lip service in their prayers. This is the life of men from before, this is the old lives of men. Most people are like this, without any actual training, and they have very few actual transformations. They only pay lip service in their prayers, approaching God through their words, lacking transformations in understanding. Let us take the simplest example, tidying your home. You see that your home is messy, so you sit there and pray: “Oh God! Look at the corruption that Satan has wrought on this home. Oh God! I praise and thank You. I am just as dirty as this home, and without Your salvation and enlightenment, I would not have realized this fact.” You only sit there and ramble on, praying for a long time, then you act as if nothing has happened, behaving like a rambling old woman. You live your spiritual life this way, without any true entry into reality, doing so many superficial things. In the practice of entry into reality, it involves men’s real life, it involves men’s difficulties in reality, and that is how men can be transformed. Without real life, men cannot be transformed, and what then is the use of paying lip service in their prayers? Without understanding the nature of men, everything is a waste of time, and without a path for practice, everything is a waste of effort! Proper prayers can maintain the normal condition within man, but they cannot completely transform man. Man is able to understand his own arrogance, conceit, hubris, and to understand his corrupt disposition, such things are not achieved through prayers, but they are discovered through savoring God’s words, they are attained through enlightenment by the Holy Spirit in real life. People nowadays are all able to speak well, and they have heard the loftiest way, loftier than any others through the ages, yet very little of it is actually implemented in their real life. That is to say, in their real life, there is no God, and it is lacking the life of a new man after being transformed. There is no living out the truth in real life, there is no bringing God into real life. Men’s life is lived as if they are the sons of hell. Is this not an obvious deviation? In order to restore the likeness of a normal man, that is, to return to normal humanity, you cannot achieve this by merely pleasing God with your words. You are harming yourself by doing so, and it gives no benefits for your entry and transformation. Therefore, to attain transformation, men must practice little by little, enter slowly, seek and explore bit by bit, enter from the positive, and live a practical life of truth, a life of the saints. From now on, it involves real matters, real things, real environments, allowing men to practice within reality. It does not require men to pay any lip service, instead it requires practice in real environments….

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