sweetness in adversity - christian movie

Sweetness in Adversity – Christian Movie

In her pain and weakness, Han Lu has relied on God and prayed to God, and under the guidance of the word of God, she has been able to see through all of Satan’s tricks.

Red Re-Education at Home – Christian Movie

Christian Movie “Red Re-Education at Home” Zheng Yi and his sister debated with their father. This spiritual war of the family ultimately ended with the truth triumphing over fallacy and the fact over rumor!

In the Deep of Winter - Christian Movie

In the Deep of Winter – Christian Movie

Christian Movie “In the Deep of Winter” is a testimony of a Christian. With the faith and strength she received from God’s word, she overcame the savage torture and demonic ravage and gave wonderfully resounding witness.

An Uncertain Return

An Uncertain Return – Christian Musical Drama

Christian Musical Drama “An Uncertain Return” will tell you who breaks up the Christian family. Christian Zhang Chengzhi is forced to flee his home because of the Chinese government’s mad persecution of religious beliefs.

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