Christian Video "God Bless": How to Get God's Protection in the Disasters of the Last Days

Christian Video “God Bless” – How to Get God’s Protection in the Disasters of the Last Days

“God Bless” Introduction People often say that “Storms gather without warning and misfortune befalls men overnight.” In our present age of rapidly expanding science, modern transportation and material wealth, the disasters that are happening all around us increase each day. When we flip open the newspaper or turn on the TV, what we mainly see is: wars, earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, fires, floods, air crashes, mining disasters, societal unrest, violent conflicts, terrorist attacks etc. All we see are natural calamities and man-made disasters. These disasters are frequently occurring and they are becoming increasingly intense. This onslaught of disaster brings with it suffering, blood, maiming and death. Misfortunes occur around us at all times, emphasizing the brevity and frailness of life. We have no way of predicting what kind of disasters we will encounter in the future. Moreover, we do not know what course of action we should take. As members of mankind, what should we do to break free from these disasters? In this program, you will find out the answer. You will find out the only way to receive God’s protection so that you can survive the impending disasters.   » You can click here to watch more:

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Testimony of Healing: I Prayed This Way After My Daughter Suffered a Cerebral Hemorrhage

By Zhongxin “Ma’am, Xiaowei had a brain hemorrhage. She’s in the hospital right now, and the doctor says they need to operate immediately …” I was shocked when I received a call from my daughter’s friend in Thailand. No wonder I hadn’t been able to reach my daughter on the phone the last few days. My daughter was sick, and very seriously. In the moment, I didn’t know what to do. When I put down the phone, I quickly went before God and prayed, “God! My daughter has had a brain hemorrhage in Thailand and needs surgery. You know that I am small in stature, and I don’t know what to do about such a thing happening to me. I can only look to You and entrust this to You. My daughter’s life and death are in Your hands. Please enlighten and guide me as I rely on You.” Before long, my phone rang again, and my daughter’s friend hurriedly said, “Ma’am, Xiaowei’s condition is very serious, and she may not make it through the surgery. You should open WeChat to see her one last time!” When I heard her say this might be the last time I saw my daughter, I suddenly panicked. I felt myself go limp, and tears flowed from my eyes. I quickly opened WeChat on my phone and saw my daughter lying in a hospital bed connected to an oxygen machine. I was stunned, and my whole body began to shake. I kept asking myself, “Is this really the last time I’ll see my daughter?” Joy and Sadness as I See My Daughter Clinging to Life in a Foreign Land The next day I went with my niece to apply for a passport. On the evening of January 31, we took a plane from China to Thailand. I was confused, and prayed silently to God, “God! I am worried about my daughter. Was her surgery successful? Will I arrive to see a living daughter? God! I’m very confused right now. Please keep my heart quiet in Your presence.” After praying, I thought of these words of God: “Because I am your Father, I am your strong tower, I am your shelter, I am your backup, and moreover I am your Almighty One, and I am your everything!” Yes! God was my backing and my greatest support. Whether my daughter was healthy or unhealthy, and her life and death, were in God’s hands. God is omnipotent, and I should entrust my daughter to God. Gradually, my panicked heart calmed itself. Early on the morning of February 1st, we arrived at the hospital in Thailand. My daughter was lying motionless on the bed, her eyes were closed, her face was yellowed and thin, her hair was completely shaved, and the wound where she had been cut open was sewn shut with dense stitches. The sight of her made my heart ache. I touched her hand with mine, and when she didn’t react, tears burst from my eyes. My daughter’s friend said softly to console me, “The doctor said Xiaowei’s operation was very successful. She simply has a bad headache, and she didn’t sleep last night, so she needs to sleep for a while. You should also go get some rest.” Hearing the news that my daughter’s surgery was successful finally alleviated the anxiety in my heart. A little over two hours later, I returned to the hospital. My daughter was awake. She saw me and said with a weak voice, “Mom, what are you doing here? I’m not dreaming, am I? Mom, please help me, I’m in so much pain.” I lay down next to my daughter and said with concern, “Honey, people’s lives are in God’s hands. Call out to God, and God will help us.” In the Revelations of God’s Words, I Discover My Intentions in My Belief in God Are Incorrect After that, I looked at my daughter, who still seemed to be in great pain, which was very upsetting for me. I thought to myself, “I only have one daughter. My husband and I both believe in God and do our duties, and no matter how many brothers and sisters we need to receive, we are happy to expend and pay the price, so why could such a disaster happen to us? If anything happens to my daughter and she dies here, my life will be meaningless, so I might as well die here too.” The moment I had the thought, I felt I was in the wrong state. I realized that this was blaming and misunderstanding God, and falling into the snare of Satan’s temptation. I quickly came before God and called out, “God! Please keep me, so that my heart may be still before You. No matter whether my daughter lives or dies, I believe everything is in Your hands. No matter what You do, it is righteous. I know that Your good intentions are behind this matter, so I ask for Your enlightenment and guidance, so that I may understand what lessons I should learn from this.” Later, I saw these words from God: “You hope that your faith in God will not entail any challenges or tribulations, or the slightest hardship. You always pursue those things that are worthless, and you attach no value to life, instead putting your own extravagant thoughts before the truth. You are so worthless! … What you pursue is to be able to gain peace after believing in God—for your children to be free from illness, for your husband to have a good job, for your son to find a good wife, for your daughter to find a decent husband, for your oxen and horses to plough the land well, for a year of good weather for your crops. This is what you seek. Your pursuit is only to live in comfort, for no accidents to befall your family, for the winds to pass you by, for your face to be untouched by…

God's Healing Power: After Her Husband Lost Consciousness

God’s Healing Power: After Her Husband Lost Consciousness

By Wu Min Midday one day, Xiaomin’s husband had some drinks out after helping someone, and then got in bed for a nap after returning home. Seeing that he looked unwell, Xiaomin poured a glass of water for him. Her husband took a sip and went back to sleep. She felt certain that he had had a lot to drink and figured he’d be fine after sleeping for a little while, so she left to go to work. Xiaomin was scared stiff by the scene before her eyes when she returned home in that afternoon. Her husband, Laowu, was facing up on the bed—his face was purple, he was foaming at the mouth and nostrils, and his head lolled to the side. Utterly horrified, she quickly grabbed a roll of paper towels to clean him up while shouting at him, “Laowu, what’s wrong? Can you hear me? Say something! Laowu! Laowu! …” No matter how she yelled, her husband remained unconscious and unresponsive. It occurred to her that there was a pharmacy close by, so she rushed over to find a doctor. Once she got there and the doctor heard about Laowu’s condition, he immediately went to the house with Xiaomin. Seeing his symptoms, the doctor said, “This isn’t good; get him to the hospital as soon as possible for emergency treatment!” After the ambulance arrived and the doctor had loaded Laowu into the ambulance, Xiaomin thought with a sinking heart: “I don’t know if my husband can get through this. If he doesn’t make it, how can I go on living?” At the hospital, people were rushing to and fro and there was a hubbub of voices. She was extremely nervous and anxious, and could clearly feel that her heart was beating faster. A doctor, sighing over and over, said to Xiaomin, “Your husband’s condition is very serious; we honestly may not be able to save him. You should prepare yourself.” Hearing this left her extremely upset. If her husband were to pass away like that, the entire burden of their home would fall on her alone. How would she be able to bear that? How could she live like that? At this thought, her heart ached tremendously … The number of onlookers grew and grew, and someone said, “It’s gotten this bad already. Even if everything goes well, he’ll still be a vegetable.” These words were like a knife to Xiaomin’s heart. Just as she was experiencing this helplessness and suffering, it occurred to her that she is a person of faith, so she silently prayed to God, “Oh, God! My husband is unconscious right now, and he is very seriously ill. This is a life and death situation. I’m really upset and I don’t know how I should undergo this. May You lead me. Amen!” After praying, a passage of God’s words sprung up in her mind: “Almighty God, the Head of all things, wields His kingly power from His throne. He rules over the universe and all things and He is guiding us on the whole earth. We shall often be close to Him, and come before Him in quietness; never shall we miss a single moment, and there are things to learn at all times. The environment around us as well as the people, matters and objects, all are permitted by His throne. Do not have a complaining heart…. When sickness happens it is due to God’s love, and His good intentions are surely behind it.” From God’s words, Xiaomin realized that God created the world and mankind, and that God is in charge of everything. He rules and arranges the stars in the cosmos; the mountains, rivers, lakes, and oceans; the birds and the beasts; people’s families, marriages, and work as well as their future paths, and life, aging, sickness, and death. He also rules and arranges the good things and the bad things that happen day in and day out. No matter what type of environment God furnishes, His will is within it. We are short-sighted, and we often cannot see into things, but if we only set aside our own perceptions and have no resentment in our hearts, if we stick with it to the end, we will definitely see God’s deeds. We will understand God’s will in setting up that environment, and as a result, we’ll comprehend God’s love. Xiaomin knew that her husband becoming ill contained God’s benevolence within it and that she should rely on God to get through this. At this point, her heart found some peace. After the doctor finished imaging for Laowu, he told Xiaomin, “His lungs are completely obstructed; there is no hope of survival….” Seeing that his lower half was entirely purple, and he went on to say, “You need to be mentally prepared. Your husband could die at any moment.” Hearing this as she stood in the hospital hallway, she slumped weakly against the wall and prayed to God over and over, asking God to give her faith and lead her in the face of these circumstances. She then recalled the story of Job. When Job’s fields of livestock were stolen by robbers, his children were wiped out, and even his own body was covered with sores, Job recognized that his possessions, his children, and his own life had all come from God. Originally, he had nothing at all. Throughout all of that, Job maintained a heart that feared God and shunned evil; he had a true faith in God. He did not blame God, but said the words, “Jehovah gave, and Jehovah has taken away; blessed be the name of Jehovah” (Job 1:21). When this occurred to Xiaomin she felt much calmer. She was willing to fear God and shun evil as Job had and to obey God’s rule no matter what happened next with her husband. She was willing to put her husband’s life and death in God’s hands, and to allow God to arrange everything. After that, the family…

The Testimony of a Christian

The Testimony of a Christian: Battles After a Car Accident

By Liang Zhi, United States I was protected by God in a car accident. It was about 1 p.m. on the sixteenth day of the first lunar month of 2015 when I was riding home on my electric scooter. As I rode from east to west and got to about thirty meters from a crossroads in the town, I saw more than twenty taxis and buses parked on both sides of the street and many people standing there waiting to take vehicles to go home, so I slowed my scooter down because there were no traffic lights ahead. Unexpectedly, when I was carefully crossing the road, a car drove rapidly toward me from north to south. Before I realized what was going on, there sounded a loud crash and I was sent flying with my scooter and lost my consciousness. When I opened my eyes, I heard someone call: “Look! He finally woke up.” At this time, I only felt dizzy, I could hardly breathe, and my right arm, back, and waist were very painful. Before I had time to think, there came an ambulance. When I was carried to it, I heard people discussing this thing. They said: “Wow! He was thrown over ten meters away by the car, but he is still alive. He is really lucky!” “Yes. Accidents always take place at this crossroads. Last month, a man and his wife and child on a motorcycle had a car accident. They got hit by a car at this crossroads and it sent them flying for several meters. The couple was dead despite emergency treatment, and only the child was saved.” “Alas! Look! The bumper and the front of the car have been smashed. The scooter was knocked out of shape and the helmet was also thoroughly broken. The man may be badly injured …” Hearing these words, I was moved to tears. I knew very well that it was because of God’s great power and protection that I could survive such a terrible car accident. I was full of gratitude toward God in my heart. After I was sent to the county hospital, I was given a series of examination, including electrocardiogram, electroencephalogram, X-ray. The doctor saw all the results and said to me with amazement: “You had such a terrible car accident and were sent flying so far by the car, but now the results show that nothing is seriously wrong with you. It’s simply a miracle!” At this time, I was very excited and said quietly to myself: “Thank God! It was God who protected and saved me! …” Then another doctor said: “Now your condition is not bad, but we can’t guarantee whether it will leave sequela on you or not. We suggest that you be hospitalized for examination in case of any future trouble.” And the car driver also said excitedly: “Thank Heaven! It’s nice that you are well. You are truly blessed by Heaven! Mr. Liang, the doctor is right. You can be hospitalized for examination in case of any after-effects.” At this time, I thought about God’s love for me that hot tears of gratitude again welled up in my eyes. I said to them seriously: “Today it was because Heaven protected me that I could be saved from danger. Since nothing is wrong with me, then there is no need to be hospitalized.” God’s words helped me out of temptation when Satan tempted me. Several days later, the traffic police team called me to handle the accident. The car driver and I came to the traffic police team. The Deputy Captain Jiang showed us the accident record, saying that the car driver was suspected of drunken driving and should take all responsibility for the accident. And then he asked us to negotiate with each other about the claim. The driver crisply said: “Don’t worry, Mr. Liang! My car has been insured. The insurance company can recompense all your losses, including your loss in income due to missed working time, recuperation costs, and medical expenses. You can take this opportunity to make a claim for more money. I will try my best to help you. Don’t lose this chance or your suffering will be in vain, right?” Then he told me all related matters about the claim. Hearing what he said, I began to waver in my heart: “It’s indeed a good chance. I can easily get a large sum of money without needing to work hard. That’s really a nice thing.” I then thought of one of my relatives. He had a car accident and claimed over one hundred thousand yuan in compensation. Later, he built a house and bought much furniture. His family led a comfortable life. But look at me: in these years, my mother got ill, and my wife fell off the bicycle and broke her arm. Much money has been spent on their treatment. Now we are a little pressed for money. If I can take this opportunity to get tens of thousands yuan, then our living conditions will be improved. By then … When I was indulging in fantasy, suddenly, I was somewhat dizzy and felt uncomfortable in my heart. At this time, I realized that my thoughts just now were wrong! I’m a Christian. Now I’m clearly alright; how can I say that there is something seriously wrong with me and make the insurance company compensate me? Isn’t this cheating others? However, the temptation was too great for me. So I could only eagerly call out to God: “God! I can’t resist this temptation and want to claim a sum of money. But I know that I should act according to Your words and live out the likeness that a Christian should have. So I should just claim what is due to me. God, I’m willing to forsake my flesh. May You give me strength so that I can overcome this temptation from Satan.” Just at this time, I thought of God’s words:…

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