Who Is My Support in Times of Life and Death?

My name is Liu Mei and I’m 62. Earlier this year, a sudden illness affected me and made me quite helpless. In that life-and-death crisis, I had no family by my side and I could only pray to God and re...

A Miracle! All My Belongings Was Left Undamaged in a Fire

In a factory, tens of tons of cotton suddenly caught on fire and the flames soon engulfed the entire factory except the room Jingxing lived in, where everything remained undamaged. What was going on? Let’s read the article to find out.

Testimony of Healing of a Brain Tumor: Obeying God, I Saw God’s Deeds

Her husband had a brain tumor and was likely to be paralyzed. How did she rely on God so that her husband was healed of a brain tumor? Read to learn her story.

When My Son Is Critically Ill, God Is My Strength and Faith

The sudden plague caused my son to suffer from HFMD. When my son was critically ill, God granted me faith and strength and healed my son.

That Night When My Everything Was in the Danger of Being Burned Out

Christian Chen once experienced a dangerous and alarming fire and when her house and property were in the danger of being burned out, fire trucks broke down on the way there, but later, her house emerged safely from it. Then, how did she experience the fire?

Testimony of Healing: I Prayed This Way After My Daughter Suffered a Cerebral Hemorrhage

“Ma’am, Xiaowei had a brain hemorrhage. She’s in the hospital right now, and the doctor says they need to operate immediately ...” I was shocked when I received a call from my daughter’s friend in T...

God's Healing Power: After Her Husband Lost Consciousness

Midday one day, Xiaomin’s husband had some drinks out after helping someone, and then got in bed for a nap after returning home. Seeing that he looked unwell, Xiaomin poured a glass of water for him. ...

The Testimony of a Christian: Battles After a Car Accident

I was protected by God in a car accident. It was about 1 p.m. on the sixteenth day of the first lunar month of 2015 when I was riding home on my electric scooter. As I rode from east to west and got ...

Miracle Testimony: When I Was 80, God Pulled Me up From the Brink of Death

An 80-year-old lady suddenly fell sick and was ready to die for missing the best time for treatment. Later on, under the guidance of God’s words, she was saved miraculously, from which she personally experienced God’s authority.

A Testimony of Faith: God Accompanied Me Through Those Dark Days

A car wreck put her husband’s life in danger. Faced with such a great misfortune, she fell into extreme distress and utter despair. It was God that accompanied her through those dark days.

God’s Protection: A Son’s Miraculous Recovery After Being “Sentenced to Death”

When her son’s life is in danger, she relies heavily on God, but finally, she witnesses the wonder of God’s protection when her son miraculously emerges safe from lethal danger.

My Experience of Being Cured of Sickness by Relying on God at My Age of 13

Why does illness befall us? How should we keep our faith in God in illness? We can find ways of practice from a 13-year-old little Christian’s experience.

God's Wonderful Deeds Shown in Hurricane

They saw God's wonderful deeds: The four of them escaped the devastating hurricane unscathed. Let's read their testimony.

I Finally Escaped the Painful Life of Being a Money Slave

She worked so hard to get money, because she thought she couldn’t live without money. Do you want to know what made her break through the snare of money?

Seeing God’s True Love in Illness

He struggled for money, but got uremia. Later, he saw God’s love and blessings. Let’s read his testimony.

Know God’s Sovereignty and Care in Illness

Surviving a sudden cerebral hemorrhage, she has seen God’s sovereignty and care in danger, and her faith in God is increasing.

The Miracle of Life

Even though he suffered multiple injuries in a fall from the 25th floor to the 22nd floor, he miraculously survived and recovered soon. It was God’s wonderful protection.

God Is With Me, I Fear Disaster No More

Severe mudslide brought the train to a halt on his way home. Thanks to God’s wonderful deeds, he returned home safely.