He That Does Truth Comes to the Light – Gospel Reflection on John 3:21

Today’s Gospel

But he that does truth comes to the light, that his deeds may be made manifest, that they are worked in God. - John 3:21


What’s the truth? God says, “The truth is the most real of life’s aphorisms, and the highest of such aphorisms among all mankind. Because it is the requirement that God makes of man, and is the work personally done by God, thus it is called life’s aphorism. It is not an aphorism summed up from something, nor is it a famous quote from a great figure; instead, it is the utterance to mankind from the Master of the heavens and earth and all things, and not some words summed up by man, but the inherent life of God. And so it is called the highest of all life’s aphorisms.” “The truth comes from the world of man, yet the truth among man is passed on by Christ. It originates from Christ, that is, from God Himself, and is unattainable by man.” The Lord Jesus is the light. His work and words bring us bright road of life—the truth. For example, He teaches us to forgive others seventy times seven times, and to give others love, tolerance, and patience. Those who long for the light and love the truth will follow the Lord Jesus and practice His words when they hear these words. Like Peter, he spent a lifetime in pursuing the truth. No matter what the Lord Jesus said, he would make an effort to practice and finally became a person after God’s heart. In contrast, those who don’t love the truth but love evil things will only reject the truth and live in darkness. Like the Pharisees, to protect their status, even though they knew very well that the Lord Jesus’ words had authority and power, they still crucified the innocent Jesus. They committed a heinous crime of resisting God and were eventually punished by God. Obviously, it is essential to be a person who loves and accepts the truth.

When we obey the word of God and put it into practice, we will live in the light. The truth can resolve all of our difficulties. Nothing is difficult when we depend on God. Take an example, Peter and his brothers didn’t catch anything that night, but when they followed the Lord’s word, they had a good catch of fish. From this fact we can see that God is the Master of all things, and with Him nothing is impossible. God’s blessings will come to us as long as we count on Him. Share God’s word, “When God created men, it was to have them enjoy His richness and genuinely love Him; in this way, men would live in His light.” After God created Adam and Eve, they lived in the Garden of Eden, enjoying God’s richness. At that time, they were not corrupt and led a happy life in God’s light. However, when they followed the word of the serpent, they lost God’s blessings and lived a life cursed by Him because of their deviating from His exhortation. In a word, we will suffer Satan’s afflictions and live in the darkness if we obey the word of Satan and stray from God. And only those who love the truth, long for the light, practice God’s word, can gain His blessings and guidance.

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