They be Blind Leaders of the Blind – Reflection on Matthew 15:14

Let them alone they be blind leaders of the blind.

Today's Gospel

Let them alone: they be blind leaders of the blind. And if the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch.—Matthew 15:14


When Lord Jesus did His work, many people without discernment followed the Pharisees to commit an unforgivable crime—nailed the Lord Jesus to the cross. Finally, they were cursed and punished by God. Obviously, it’s very important to have discernment regarding people. Following those who are right can help us walk the right path, otherwise we may walk the wrong path. Then how should we discern whether leaders are qualified? God’s words say, “The work of an unqualified worker falls far short; his work is foolish. He can only bring people into rules; what he demands of people does not vary from individual to individual; he does not work according to the actual needs of the people. In this type of work, there are too many rules and too many doctrines, and it cannot bring people into reality or into normal practice of growth in life. It can only enable people to stand by a few worthless rules. This kind of guidance can only lead people astray. He leads you to become what he is like; he can bring you into what he has and is. For followers to discern whether leaders are qualified, the key is to look at the path they lead and the results of their work, and look at whether followers receive the principles in accordance with the truth, and whether they receive ways of practice suitable for them to be transformed. You should differentiate between the different work of different types of people; you should not be a foolish follower. This impinges on the matter of your entry. If you are unable to distinguish which person’s leadership has a path and which does not, you will easily be deceived. All these have a direct bearing on your own life.” From God’s words we can understand that for us to discern whether a leader is qualified, the key is to look at the path he walks. If he is a person who pursues the truth and focuses on putting the truth into practice, then he will bring people before God so that people can seek God’s will when something happens and do things according to His requirements. But an unqualified leader can only bring people into rules and rituals, letters and doctrines, so that many people worship and look up to him and have no place for God in their heart. In the end, they will be further from God’s intentions and His demands. It is now the last days, we are waiting for the second coming of the Lord. If someone preaches gospel to us, a qualified leader should be responsible for the lives of his brothers and sisters, and seek and investigate whether or not it is the true way. But instead, an unqualified leader doesn’t seek or investigate but only abides by rules for fear of being deceived by false Christs. Just like the Pharisees, they blindly held onto the name of the Messiah, and finally missed the coming of the Lord and became someone who opposed God. May we use history as a mirror and learn how to discern people, so that we can avoid walking the wrong path. Amen!

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