How to Overcome Repeated Sin: I Have Found the Way

He who believed in the Lord lived in sin and couldn’t find the path to overcoming repeated sin. He often prayed to God in the hope that the Lord would forgive him. … A chance encounter enabled him to find the path.

I Find the Way to Escape Sin and Stop Struggling With Sin

Many of us believers in the Lord sin in the day and confess in the evening, living a painful life of struggling with sin. How can we break free from the bonds of sin? Read this article to find the way.

Can Those Who Live in Sin Lose Their Salvation? My Confusion Is Released

What is the true meaning of salvation? Can those who live in sin gain salvation and enter the heavenly kingdom? This Christian’s experience will help you understand the mystery of salvation and avoid losing God’s final salvation.

There Is Finally a Way for Me to Cast off Sin

When I was 17, I became a believer in the Lord. Every day I enjoyed His lovingkindness and mercy, living free of anxiety and cares; meanwhile, I dreamed of how beautiful the heaven was, hoping that the Lord would return and take me up there.

Welcoming the Lord’s Return Means Escaping Sin Is No Longer a Dream!

The year 2018 was a turning point for my life destiny—this is because after seeking for so long, I finally found the path to being freed from sin! Having the hope of casting off the shackles of sin is incomparably exciting for me; I’m full of boundless gratitude and praise for God.

Can Priests and Bishops Forgive People’s Sins on God’s Behalf?

The author of this article always clung to the view that priests and bishops were selected and established by God, and that as long as people knelt down before them and made confessions after committing sins, they could absolve people’s sins on God’s behalf. Once, the fellowship of his church friend completely remedied his conception.

Does Forgiveness of Sins Mean Being Purified: How Can We Escape Sin?

Most of Christians believe that the Lord Jesus has absolved our sins through our faith. But is forgiveness of sins equal to being purified? This article will show you the way to escape sin.

By Understanding the Truth, I Found the Path to Solve My Angry Temper

“You believe in the Lord and yet you lose your temper at the drop of a hat. Why haven’t you changed at all?” This was my husband’s rebuke to me. I used to feel such distress that I was unable to live out the Lord’s teachings, and I often implored the Lord to lead me to cast off the bonds of sin.

Does Being Saved by Grace Through Faith Mean Being Raptured Into the Heavenly Kingdom?

Many believers think that since we have accepted the Lord Jesus’ salvation, we are saved by grace through faith, so we will surely be raptured into the heavenly kingdom when the Lord returns. Is this view correct? This article will tell you the answer.

Does Having Our Sins Forgiven Mean We Can Be Raised Up Into the Heavenly Kingdom?

Many Christians believe that the Lord has forgiven our sins and we are therefore no longer sinful, and they all look forward to the Lord coming to raise us immediately up into the heavenly kingdom.

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I Have Walked on the Path to Purification

In December, I received baptism and formally walked on the way of confession and repentance. One time in the church, I heard a pastor read the verses of Matthew 18:21-22. I thought: Why did the Lord Jesus have so great tolerance and patience?

He Finally Knew How to Escape Sin After Over 40-Year Belief in God

He was once tormented by his inability to escape living in sin. Not until 2017 did he find a path to escape from sin. So, how exactly can we escape sin? Let’s read his experience.

Will Sinners See the Lord’s Face?

We continue to sin after being saved. Will we be raptured and see the Lord’s face? Do you know how to stop sinning? Read this article, and you’ll get the answer.

Find Way to Get Rid of Sin, Resolve Over 10 Years’ Confusion

Why do we still sin? That’s because we haven’t found the root of our sinfulness. He, a Catholic, is no longer troubled by being unable to get rid of sin.

Finding the True Church With the Holy Spirit’s Work, I Found the Path to the Heavenly Kingdom

Can those who live sinfully enter the heavenly kingdom? After 20 years of looking everywhere to seek out a true church with the Holy Spirit’s work, Chenwen, a Christian, finally found the answer.

How Can We Be Free From Sin and Achieve Cleanness?

You try to act according to the Lord Jesus’ word, but fail to shed the bonds of sin? This article will tell you how to be free from sin and be cleansed.

Christian Movie | "Child, Come Back Home" (Based on a True Story)

Under the guidance of God's words, this son who had been hopelessly lost in internet games and internet cafés finally came home!