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Welcoming the Lord’s Return Means Escaping Sin Is No Longer a Dream!

The year 2018 was a turning point for my life destiny—this is because after seeking for so long, I finally found the path to being freed from sin! Having the hope of casting off the shackles of sin is incomparably exciting for me; I’m full of boundless gratitude and praise for God.

Pray to God

There Is Finally a Way for Me to Cast off Sin

When I was 17, I became a believer in the Lord. Every day I enjoyed His lovingkindness and mercy, living free of anxiety and cares; meanwhile, I dreamed of how beautiful the heaven was, hoping that the Lord would return and take me up there.

Can Priests Forgive People's Sins

Can Priests and Bishops Forgive People’s Sins on God’s Behalf?

The author of this article always clung to the view that priests and bishops were selected and established by God, and that as long as people knelt down before them and made confessions after committing sins, they could absolve people’s sins on God’s behalf. Once, the fellowship of his church friend completely remedied his conception.

Gospel Movie Clip- The Way of Removing Sin

“Stinging Memories” Clip: The Way of Removing Sin

Gospel Movie “Stinging Memories” Clip Introduction Do you know how God carries out the work of judging and purifying man? Fan Guoyi was an elder of a house church in China. In his over twenty years of service, he always emulated Paul, sacrificing for the Lord zealously and working hard. He firmly believed that he was doing the will of the heavenly Father by pursuing that way and he would surely be raptured to the kingdom of heaven at the return of the Lord. However, when Almighty God’s end-time salvation came upon him, he clung to his notions, rejecting, resisting, and condemning it time and time again…. Later, after several debates with the preachers from the Church of Almighty God, Fan Guoyi finally woke up. He truly understood the meaning of doing the will of the heavenly Father and the way of pursuing to be saved and enter the kingdom of heaven…. At every thought of the past, the memories were stinging in his heart….   »You may be interested in reading more on our Christian Testimonies page about Return to God, or in the articles below: • There Is a Way to Resolve the Problem of Committing Sin • I Have Walked on the Path to Purification • Find Way to Get Rid of Sin, Resolve Over 10 Years’ Confusion

I Have Walked on the Path to Purification

I Have Walked on the Path to Purification

In December, I received baptism and formally walked on the way of confession and repentance. One time in the church, I heard a pastor read the verses of Matthew 18:21-22. I thought: Why did the Lord Jesus have so great tolerance and patience?

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