Treat Other As You Want to be Treated – Reflection on Matthew 7:12

Matthew 7:12

Matthew 7:12

"Therefore all things whatever you would that men should do to you, do you even so to them: for this is the law and the prophets."


While pray-reading this verse, I remember what happened to me recently. One of my colleagues was my church sister. We had a good relationship. We often studied together at work and helped each other. There was a period of time when I often made mistakes. She would remind me of my deficiencies and inadequacies. I thought what she said was all correct and was my real problems. Afterward, we were separated to work in different departments. She then never came to see me again. Gradually, I had some opinions on her. I thought we were so close to each other before, why didn’t she send me even a message when I most needed comfort and encouragement? Could it be that her care to me was all fake? The more I thought this way, the darker I felt in my spirit. Amid suffering, I came before God in prayer: May God show me how to treat it. Not long after I prayed that prayer, I came across a very good article “The Principle of Sharing From the Heart”, which showed me God’s will and many paths of practice. One of the passage said, “If the brothers and sisters are to be able to confide in each other, help each other out, and provide for one another when they are together, then each person must speak of their own true experiences. … If people have no verbal or spiritual communication, there is no possibility of intimacy between them, and they can’t provide to each other or help one another. Do you have such a feeling? If your friend says everything to you, saying all of what they’re thinking in their heart, and what suffering or happiness they have in their heart, then do you not feel particularly intimate with them? That they are willing to tell these things to you is because you have also spoken of the words in your heart to them—you are especially close, and it is because of this that you are able to get along with them and help each other out. Without this among the brothers and sisters in the church, there would never be harmony among the brothers and sisters, which is one of the requisites of being honest.” From this passage, I understood that true friends can confide with each other. We can take the initiative and share with brothers and sisters who truly believe in God what we’re thinking in our heart, and what suffering or happiness we have in our heart, then we will become intimate friends with others. This is also the manifestation of being honest. Just as the verse said, “Therefore all things whatever you would that men should do to you, do you even so to them.” I complained that the sister did not care about me. In fact, I did not take an initiative to see her afterward but made demands of her. Why didn’t I make demands of myself? I finally saw my sense was too inferior and I needed to change myself. After understanding God’s will, I took the initiative and chatted with the sister and asked her how everything was going on with her. The sister told me what she was thinking in her heart. Until then did I know that she was too busy recently. She had thought about chatting with me but didn’t know what to say, then she prayed to seek the Lord’s will. Thank the Lord that He has prepared us this chance. After we opened up to each other, I was extremely free and relaxed in my heart and even felt it easy to solve my problems at work.

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