Fear the Lord and Depart From Evil – Reflection on Proverbs 3:7

Fear the Lord and Depart From Evil—Reflection on Proverbs 3:7

Today’s Gospel

Be not wise in your own eyes: fear the LORD, and depart from evil. - Proverbs 3:7


This verse teaches us not to be self-righteous or be wise in our conceit but to fear God and shun evil. This is the greatest wisdom. In our daily lives, we often think so highly of ourselves and do not allow others to blame us. We believe that everything we do is right and that we are better than everyone else. This is living based on arrogant and conceited corrupt disposition. We believe that we have brains, and caliber, and can gain insight into things, so we do everything by ourselves and put God aside without any reverence for Him. Thus, we easily offend God. For example, the Pharisees were proficient in the Bible, but they did not have a heart that fears God at all. Therefore, they used Bible knowledge and theology to measure the words and work of God and believed that the Messiah would descend as they had imagined. When the Lord Jesus came to do His work, even though He expressed many truths and performed many miracles, the Pharisees neither sought nor studied whether His work was from God and whether His word was God’s voice and was the truth. They were self-righteous and thought that as long as it did not conform with their notions and imaginations, He was not the Messiah. In the end, they nailed the Lord Jesus who expressed the truth to the cross and committed a heinous crime. From this, we can see that we should revere God toward His work and our belief in Him instead of thinking that we understand the truth and are able to see things clearly. As a matter of fact, we are just creatures of God. How could we possibly fathom the work of God?

Since there are past examples for warning, we should learn lessons and not be self-righteous. Now the last days have arrived and the Lord Jesus is coming soon. Facing the second coming of Jesus, we should honor God as great, fear God and carefully seek and study if someone testifies for us the second coming of Jesus. Only thus can we understand God’s will and welcome the second coming of Jesus. So, fearing God and shunning evil is the sense that we created being should possess. Just as God says, “A genuine created being must know who the Creator is, what man’s creation is for, how to carry out the responsibilities of a created being, and how to worship the Lord of all creation, must understand, grasp, know, and care for the Creator’s intentions, wishes, and demands, and must act in accordance with the way of the Creator—fear God and shun evil.

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