The Fear of Jehovah Is the Beginning of Wisdom – Reflection on Proverbs 9:10

The Fear of Jehovah Is the Beginning of Wisdom, Proverbs 9:10

Today’s Gospel

The fear of Jehovah is the beginning of wisdom: and the knowledge of the holy is understanding. - Proverbs 9:10


Who is wise? Who is foolish? We often use intelligence and life experience to measure whether a person is wise or not. But the verse indicates that wise man seeks knowledge of God. If you want to obtain wisdom, you must fear God. And why? For the source of wisdom is actually the Lord who created the heavens and earth and all things.

The story of King Solomon in the Bible is a very strong evidence. He asked for wisdom from God, with which he solved a dispute over infants between two mothers. His fame had spread to other places, even the Queen of Sheba heard of his fame and visited him with hard questions. After seeing his wisdom, she gave precious treasure to him. The kings all over the world asked to see Solomon and hear his wisdom gifted by God. It is also written in the Bible, he was wiser than all men. It can be seen that God is the source of wisdom and showed His great power in King Solomon!

It shows that the person who knows to rely on God is a wise man! Pray to God, rely on God and obey God’s arrangements in all things, then from experience you definitely see how God arranges everything for you and how wise He is.

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