Study on Psalm 16:11: Only God Has the Way of Life

Today’s Gospel

You will show me the path of life: in your presence is fullness of joy; at your right hand there are pleasures for ever more.

In this age of evil and darkness, mankind is living in Satan’s domain and is corrupted and controlled by Satan to act in spite of himself and to do whatever he pleases, struggling in darkness and sin. No person is able to find the true bright way of human life, nor does any person know what on earth the true meaning of life is. People are all rushing around and struggling for fame and gain. They are often troubled by inexplicable emptiness in their hearts, and there is no happiness or joy to speak of. They are sinking deeper and deeper into sin and cannot free themselves, living in unbearable pain. From this verse, we can see that only God can show us the way of life. Only if we find and gain the way of life can our spiritual pain and emptiness be resolved and can we live in everlasting joy and blessings. Now, the way of life has appeared. The Lord Jesus has already returned and expressed many truths, like the true light illuminating the dark world. All those who love the truth and yearn for God’s appearance have recognized God’s voice from the words of the returned Lord. They have seen that the true light has appeared and the sun of righteousness has risen. Mankind finally has the hope of being saved. God’s words of the last days have brought us the way of life, revealing all truths concerning the mysteries of human life, the value and meaning of life, the source of human life, and how God rules the fate of human beings. These truths are exactly the way of life that we corrupt humans have been looking for a long time. Just as God says, “The way of life is not something that anyone can possess, nor is it something anyone can attain easily. This is because life can only come from God, which is to say, only God Himself possesses the essence of life, and only God Himself has the way of life. And so only God is the source of life, and the ever-flowing wellspring of living water of life. Ever since He created the world, God has done much work involving the vitality of life, has done much work that brings life to man, and has paid a great price so that man might gain life. This is because God Himself is eternal life, and God Himself is the way by which man is resurrected. God is never absent from the heart of man, and He lives among man at all times. He has been the driving force of man’s living, the root of man’s existence, and a rich deposit for man’s existence after birth. He causes man to be reborn, and enables him to tenaciously live in his every role. Thanks to His power and His inextinguishable life force, man has lived for generation after generation, throughout which the power of God’s life has been the mainstay of man’s existence, and God has paid a price that no ordinary man has ever paid. God’s life force can prevail over any power; moreover, it exceeds any power. His life is eternal, His power extraordinary, and His life force cannot be overwhelmed by any created being or enemy force. The life force of God exists and shines its brilliant radiance regardless of time or place. Heaven and earth may undergo great changes, but God’s life is forever the same. All things may pass away, but God’s life will still remain, for God is the source of the existence of all things and the root of their existence. Man’s life originates from God, the existence of heaven is because of God, and the existence of earth stems from the power of God’s life. No object possessed of vitality can transcend the sovereignty of God, and no thing with vigor can elude the domain of God’s authority. In this way, regardless of who they are, everyone must submit under the dominion of God, everyone must live under God’s command, and no one can escape from His hands.

From God’s words, we can see that God is the origin of all things; the heavens and earth and all things were created by God. Thus, the existence of the heavens and earth and all things originates from God’s life force; it is God’s life that supports and dictates the existence of all things. For God Himself is eternal life, and God Himself is the way by which man is resurrected. The darkness and evil of mankind originates from the corruption of Satan. It is Satan that has corrupted mankind; only Satan is the origin of mankind’s corruption and evil. If mankind worships Satan or advocates evil, then they can only meet with God’s curses and accelerate toward doom. Only when we have the truth expressed by God will we have the basis for existence, a direction and a goal for life; we will have God’s guidance and blessing, live a true life, and enjoy true happiness and blessings. Because only God can save mankind from Satan’s corruption, and only God can bring mankind light and true destination. This is a reality that we must understand and recognize. We must seek and accept all the truths God expresses in the last days; only then can we attain the true way. This is the only path to salvation. If only people seek, then they will find; God never hides from those who seek Him. Those who seek the true way will certainly gain God’s grace, gain the leadership and guidance of God’s words and have God protecting and blessing them in secret. They can definitely gain the truth and live out a life that has meaning. This is a fact that no person can deny.

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