The 3 Manifestations of Job’s Fear of God in the Bible

At the mention of “fearing God,” most Christians will think of the story of Job recorded in the Bible. Then what are the manifestations of Job’s fear of God? Let’s come to see his experiences again.

The Onset of Illness or Affliction Is Also God’s Grace

What is grace? According to the records in the Bible, Job was a man who feared God and shunned evil and received lots of God’s blessings. But in his old age, God allowed Satan to attack him...

What Should We Do When We Face Trials? Learn From the Story of Job

When God allowed Satan to test Job, He used trials to perfect Job’s faith. So, when trials befall us, we should seek God’s will, either...

Two Kinds of People in God's Eyes: Job and His Three Friends

Why did God ask Job’s friends to sacrifice before Job? How did God treat Job and his three friends?

Why Did Job Curse the Day He Was Born?

Job cursed the day of his birth in trials. Wasn’t he complaining of God that He had sent him to the world? Why did job curse the day he was born? And why did God still commend Job?

People’s Many Misunderstandings About Job

The hardship suffered by Job was not the work of messengers sent by God, nor was it caused by God’s own hand. Instead, it was personally caused by Satan, the enemy of God.

Satan Once More Tempts Job (Sore Boils Break Out Across Job’s Body)

Job’s Love of the Way of God Surpasses All Else | Amid Extreme Suffering, Job Truly Realizes God’s Care for Mankind | Another Manifestation of Job’s Fear of God and Shunning of Evil Is His Extolling of God’s Name in All Things

Satan Tempts Job for the First Time

Satan Tempts Job for the First Time (His Livestock Is Stolen and Calamity Befalls His Children)

Assessments of Job by God and in the Bible

Assessments of Job by God and in the Bible | (Job 1:1) There was a man in the land of Uz, whose name was Job; and that man was perfect and upright, and one that feared God, and eschewed evil.