Exploring the Mystery of the Trinity, I Understood the Father and Son Relationship

The Trinity Becomes a Personal Mystery

In May 2018, encouraged by a friend, I encountered the Christian faith for the first time. By reading the Bible I learned that heaven, earth, and all things were all created by God with His words, and we humans were personally created by God from dust. We didn’t evolve from primates at all. That we can go on living is entirely from the sustenance of God’s own breath. I was shocked, and my heart became full of reverence and gratitude to God.

From then on I read the Bible every single day and attended gatherings enthusiastically, but there was quite a bit of the Scripture that I still couldn’t understand, particularly the Trinity of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit of the one and only God that the pastor spoke of. This was really confusing for me. Since the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are just one God, why would we say that there’s both a Father and a Son? I really wanted to figure this out, so I plucked up the courage to go ask the pastor.

Exploring the Mystery of the Trinity, I Understood the Father and Son Relationship, Pastor sermon.

The pastor said, “The Father is Jehovah God. He’s mighty and very authoritative. The Son is the Lord Jesus, and the Holy Spirit is a spiritual body. They are three different persons and together they are called the Trinity of the one true God.” I still felt a bit bewildered after hearing the pastor’s explanation, but I knew that there is definitely just one God. Later on I switched to a new job, which was too far from the church, so I couldn’t attend services anymore. I never asked the pastor about that again, but the God Who is a Trinity, and the relationship between the Father and the Son, remained a mystery for me.

Attending Online Gatherings and Exploring the Mystery of the Trinity

I started feeling anxious because I couldn’t always attend services on the Lord’s day, so a sister from my old church recommended a small group online gathering to me. I was so happy. Even though Sister Keke who led the group was pretty young, her fellowship on the Bible was really full of light. After we had met a few times I understood God’s will in creating mankind, the parable of the ten virgins and differences between faithful and evil servants, as well as the root cause of the Pharisees’ failure in their faith. Plus, Sister Keke had really clear explanations for every question I asked, and I always gained something, so I asked her about this confusion that was within my heart. I said, “Sister, there’s a question that has been confounding me for quite some time. The pastor said that the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit are the God of the Trinity. But I don’t understand, since there’s just one God, how could there be a Father and a Son? Could you explain this to me?”

Sister Keke replied, “Thanks be to God! Sister, you’ve asked a great question. To understand the God of the Trinity, you must first know the root of this expression. In the Council of Nicaea in AD 300s, religious leaders from a number of countries began debating over God’s unicity and multiplicity. They finally proposed that God is a Trinity—this was based on human notions, imaginings and logic. From then on people have believed that God is made up of three persons: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. But in fact, the idea of the Trinity doesn’t appear in the Bible. God never mentioned it, nor did the prophets or disciples, and the Holy Spirit particularly hasn’t borne witness to it. So we can be certain that the idea of the Trinity is man-made, and it’s something that people have dreamed up from their own heads, something they thought of with their own logic. It’s not in line with the truth.

The reality is that there’s just one God—the Creator, the one and only true God—who created heaven, earth, and all things. There are no separate persons of God. Genesis 1:2 tells us that in the beginning, God’s Spirit was hovering over the waters. We can see that God was originally a Spirit and He was also called the Holy Spirit, the Spirit, and the sevenfold Spirit, without shape or form yet encompassing all things, full of the universe and the world. In heaven, God is a Spirit without shape or form, but He can also become flesh to become the Son of man with shape and form, to live among us. God’s Spirit is everywhere and there is nothing He cannot do. There’s a passage of words that explains this very clearly. I’ll send it to you—please read it for us!”

I read, “There is only one God, only one person in this God, and only one Spirit of God, much as it is written down in the Bible that ‘There is only one Holy Spirit and only one God.’ Regardless of whether the Father and the Son of which you speak exist, there is only one God after all, and the essence of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit you believe in is the essence of the Holy Spirit. In other words, God is a Spirit, but He is able to become flesh and live among men, as well as to be above all things. His Spirit is all-inclusive and omnipresent. He can simultaneously be in the flesh and in and above the universe. Since all people say that God is the only one true God, then there is a single God, divisible at will by none! God is only one Spirit, and only one person; and that is the Spirit of God(“Does the Trinity Exist?”). After reading that, I thought, “So it turns out that the idea of the God of the Trinity didn’t come from God. God is a Spirit and is only one person! So then why did the pastor say that there are three?”

Sister Keke went on in fellowship, “We can learn from these words that there is just one God, that there is just one person, which is the Spirit. God’s Spirit surpasses all things and is in all places. He can be in the heavens, appearing to mankind in forms such as lightning, thunder, and fire. He can also incarnate on the earth and become a regular person, just like the Lord Jesus did. Even though He looked just like us, like a regular person on the outside, He was able to do the work of redeeming all of mankind because He was the incarnation of God’s Spirit, so in essence it was still God working. Just like the Lord Jesus said to Philip, ‘Have I been so long time with you, and yet have you not known Me, Philip? he that has seen Me has seen the Father; and how say you then, Show us the Father? Believe you not that I am in the Father, and the Father in Me? the words that I speak to you I speak not of Myself: but the Father that dwells in Me, He does the works. Believe Me that I am in the Father, and the Father in Me: or else believe Me for the very works’ sake(John 14:9–11). The Lord put it very clearly: ‘he that has seen Me has seen the Father;’ ‘I am in the Father, and the Father in Me’. And in John 10:30, the Lord said, ‘I and My Father are one.’ We can see from this that Jehovah God and the Lord Jesus incarnate are essentially One—whether God works through the Spirit or through the flesh, in essence it is God’s Spirit doing His own work. The reason the religious world divides God into three separate persons is that they believe that the Lord Jesus was the beloved Son of the heavenly Father; this is because they don’t understand the truth surrounding the incarnation. If we understand this aspect of the truth and know what the incarnation is, then we can understand the relationship between the Father and the Son. Let’s read a couple more passages.”

Realizing the Lord Jesus Was God’s Spirit in the Flesh

I heard her out and then thought to myself, “‘Incarnation’ is another new word for me. What does it mean?” I looked at my phone and found the text she had sent, then earnestly read this out: “The ‘incarnation’ is God’s appearance in the flesh; God works among created mankind in the image of the flesh. So for God to be incarnated, He must first be flesh, flesh with normal humanity; this is the most basic prerequisite. In fact, the implication of God’s incarnation is that God lives and works in the flesh, that God in His very essence becomes flesh, becomes a man.” “The Christ with normal humanity is a flesh in which the Spirit is realized, and is possessed of normal humanity, normal sense, and human thought. ‘Being realized’ means God becoming man, the Spirit becoming flesh; to put it more plainly, it is when God Himself inhabits a flesh with normal humanity, and through it expresses His divine work—this is what it means to be realized, or incarnated.


Sister Keke shared this fellowship: “These passages explain the mystery of the incarnation. It is God’s Spirit clothed with the flesh of a regular person to appear and work. To put it simply, it’s God become human, Spirit become flesh. From the outside, the fleshly body looks no different from a regular person—He eats, dresses, lives, and walks just totally normally and has a gamut of emotions—but God’s Spirit is within Him. He can express God’s own disposition and do God’s own work. Take the Lord Jesus, for example. From the outside He looked like an average person, but He expressed many truths, He provided mankind with the way of repentance, He absolved mankind’s sins, and expressed a disposition of love and mercy. He also displayed a great number of miracles such as calming the storm, feeding five thousand people with five loaves and two fishes, and resurrecting the dead. He fully revealed the authority and power of God, and was ultimately nailed to the cross for human beings. This completed the work of redemption. From all that we can see that the Lord Jesus’ work and words were the work and words of God Himself, and that the Lord Jesus was God incarnate Himself. He was one with Jehovah God.”

Sister Keke’s fellowship was really enlightening for me. I realized that the Lord Jesus was Jehovah God’s Spirit in the flesh, and in essence was still God’s Spirit, the same God. I said happily, “Sister Keke, I finally understand. God’s essence is Spirit and when He incarnates He becomes a person with His Spirit hidden within human flesh. Just like the Lord Jesus who looked like a person on the outside, but He was the Spirit of God clothed in the flesh with God’s essence, and He could do divine work. God in the flesh is actually the same Spirit, it’s just that He appears to mankind in a different way.”

Sister Keke responded happily, “Thanks be to God! This is a pretty profound aspect of the truth. Your ability to understand it is certainly God’s enlightenment and guidance!”

The Reason Behind the Idea of the Father and the Son

I then asked her, “Sister, I have another question. God is the one true God, so why did the Lord Jesus call God the heavenly Father when teaching His disciples how to pray? And when He was being baptized, the Holy Spirit testified that the Lord Jesus was God’s beloved Son. What did that mean?”

Sister Keke shared more fellowship with me, saying, “Thanks be to God! We know that God’s words are all the truth and we cannot easily fathom them. The first thing we must understand is that what’s referred to in the Bible as the Father and the Son was just while the Lord Jesus was working in the flesh. God became flesh as the Lord Jesus because that was what was required by the work of redemption, so that’s the only reason that concept existed. There was no mention of the Father and the Son in the Old Testament, before God ever became flesh. So then why would God’s Spirit call His fleshly being beloved Son? It was mainly because the Lord Jesus was the first incarnation of God to walk among man. No human beings knew God and they had absolutely no concept of the incarnation. If the Lord Jesus had said that He was God Himself, the people of the time certainly wouldn’t have been able to accept that, and they would have madly resisted and condemned Him. Since the Lord Jesus was doing the work of redemption, it was enough for people to believe in and follow Him, and to accept Him as their Savior. It wasn’t necessary for people to have a more elevated understanding of God. That’s why God worked according to people’s actual stature and bore witness to the Lord Jesus as God’s beloved Son from the position of the Spirit—that way, people could understand. When the Lord Jesus called the Spirit in heaven Father, it was a way to show humility and submission to God. Before the Lord Jesus was crucified He inhabited average flesh, not a glorified body. That’s why He stood in the position of a created being and called God in heaven His Father.”

I was pretty moved by Sister Keke’s fellowship. I said, “Sister, now I get it. God humbled Himself to become a man in order to redeem us, and the Lord Jesus was actually God. It’s just that He never revealed His own identity, but quietly did the work of redemption for mankind. Whether God is in the Spirit or in the flesh, whether He is called the Father or the Son, He is in fact one single Spirit, one single God.”

Sister Keke approvingly sent me a thumbs-up emoji and said, “That’s right! God became flesh in the form of the Son of man because that was what we as humans needed for God’s salvation of us, but in essence, He was God Himself all along.”

I’ll Never Again Think of God as Fragmented After Understanding the Truth of the Trinity

Sister Keke then sent me another passage of God’s words for me to read. I read in earnest, “Because the ages are not alike and the work that God Himself does also differs, He needs to carry out His work within different realms. In this way, the identity He represents also differs. Man believes that Jehovah is the Father of Jesus, but this was actually not acknowledged by Jesus, who said: ‘We were never distinguished as Father and Son; I and the Father in heaven are one. The Father is in Me and I am in the Father; when man sees the Son, they are seeing the heavenly Father.’ When all has been said, be it the Father or the Son, They are one Spirit, not divided into separate persons. Once man attempts to explain, matters are complicated with the idea of distinct persons, as well as the relationship between Father, Son, and Spirit. When man speaks of separate persons, does this not materialize God? Man even ranks the persons as first, second, and third; these are all but the imaginings of man, not worthy of reference, and utterly unrealistic! … Jehovah is the Spirit, and so too is the essence of Jesus. Now in the last days, needless to say it is still the Spirit at work; how could They be different persons? Is it not simply the Spirit of God carrying out the work of the Spirit from different perspectives? As such, there is no distinction between persons. Jesus was conceived by the Holy Spirit, and indubitably, His work was precisely that of the Holy Spirit. In the first stage of work carried out by Jehovah, He neither became flesh nor appeared to man. So man never saw His appearance. No matter how great and how tall He was, He was still the Spirit, God Himself who first created man. That is, He was the Spirit of God.

She went on in fellowship, “Believers like us want to split God into three based on our own imaginations and speculations, and we erroneously claim that God has three persons: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, that together are the Trinity of the one and only God. Plus we hold to this fallacy as if it were the truth—this shows that in our faith, we have no understanding at all of God’s work, and that we’re really arrogant and lacking in reason. Now through today’s fellowship we’ve learned that there’s just one God, but God’s work develops in accordance with the age, and He chooses to work in different ways—in the flesh or in the Spirit—according to changes in the nature of His work as well as what we, corrupt humanity, require. But no matter how God appears to us, as long as He expresses the truth, and sustains and guides us, then He is God and we should accept and submit to Him. Sister, what do you say? If the Lord Jesus were to return today and once again clothe Himself with the flesh, with a different appearance, then what do you think the relationship between Him, Jehovah God, the Lord Jesus, and the Holy Spirit would be?”

read God's word, Exploring the Mystery of the Trinity, I Understood the Father and Son Relationship

I gave it a bit of thought and read the text that Sister Keke had sent to me: “Jehovah is the Spirit, and so too is the essence of Jesus. Now in the last days, needless to say it is still the Spirit at work; how could They be different persons? Is it not simply the Spirit of God carrying out the work of the Spirit from different perspectives? As such, there is no distinction between persons.” I then said with certainty, “He would still be one God. That’s because when God takes on the flesh, no matter what kind of body it is, as long as it is God incarnate then that is God. Is that right?” Sister Keke said happily, “Thanks be to God, that’s it!” I responded, “Sister Keke, the pastor couldn’t give me a straight answer on the Trinity, but in this one fellowship with you today I’ve understood it. I really thank God for this! I can see that you’ve read a lot of books about God. Everything you’ve sent me has been so clear—it’s easier to understand than the Bible.”

Pleased, Sister Keke said, “Thank You God! I’ve only been a believer for a few years. I didn’t understand many mysteries of faith until I read this book, ‘The Scroll Opened by the Lamb.’”

“‘The Scroll Opened by the Lamb’? Could you send that to me? I’d really love to understand more in my faith.”

Sister Keke said, “Sure. I’ll send you a copy.”

Welcoming the Lord’s Return and Stepping Onto the Path of Salvation

Later on, Sister Keke shared fellowship with me on aspects of the truth such as God’s three stages of work, the mysteries of His names, and discerning between a true and a false Christ. Finally, she said that the Lord Jesus has already returned, and He is Almighty God in the flesh. In our gatherings we just had fellowship on and read Almighty God’s words. I was shocked to hear that the Lord Jesus has already returned. I didn’t dare believe that such a wonderful thing could happen for me after having been a believer for less than three months. Later I started comparing the Lord Jesus’ words in the Bible with the words of Almighty God and asked Sister Keke questions every single day. To my surprise, all of my questions were resolved with the words of Almighty God. I also watched a lot of things online created by The Church of Almighty God: films, videos, sketches, crosstalks, hymns, and recitations of God’s words. I thought to myself, “They’ve done all this in just a few short years. Isn’t that the power of God? Only that which comes from God could be so vibrant! The Lord Jesus once said, ‘But if I do, though you believe not Me, believe the works(John 10:38). It suddenly became clear to me that the Lord truly has returned!”

After a period of time of serious investigation, I became certain, without a doubt, that Almighty God is the returned Lord Jesus. The Lord has incarnated again—He has appeared and is working! Humming this hymn of God’s words, I felt an indescribable joy in my heart: “All who are able to obey the present utterances of the Holy Spirit are blessed. … You hear the voice of God directly, and behold the appearance of God, and so, throughout heaven and earth, and throughout the ages, none have been more blessed than you, this group of people.

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