Honesty – Reflection on Luke 18:17

Reflection on Luke 18:17

Today’s Gospel

Truly I say to you, Whoever shall not receive the kingdom of God as a little child shall in no wise enter therein. - Luke 18:17


After reading this verse, maybe you will ask what the “little child” refers to. In a word, it refers to the likeness of an honest man. Only honest person can love God truly, make no requests or demands of God, and have no rebellion or resistance against Him. Because the essence of God is faithful, He loves the honest. How can we be honest? I will share 4 tips with you:

First, give our heart to God, practice the truth in all things and accept His observation and examination;

Second, have true communion with God, speak the words within our heart to Him, and keep a normal relationship with Him;

Third, ensure that there are no lies in our words, or in our thoughts, be artless and open with wisdom, and have normal interpersonal relationships with others;

Fourth, do things in a principled way and in conformity with the truth, be just and honorable, make our words fit the reality and become an upstanding person.


O God! I’m willing to give my heart to You in the following days, accept Your observation in everything and do my best to be a simple, honest person to comfort Your heart.

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