Man Shall Not Live By Bread Alone – Reflection on Matthew 4:4

Matthew 4:4

Today’s Gospel

Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God. - Matthew 4:4


When Satan tempted the Lord Jesus and asked Him to turn stones into food, He said, “Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God” (Matthew 4:4). The Lord Jesus refuted it with these words, and Satan retreated in humiliation. From the Lord Jesus’ words, we can understand that in this world, we live not by food alone, but by God’s words. Although food can sustain our life in the flesh but cannot allow our spiritual life to grow nor resolve our difficulties and the pain in our hearts … Only God’s words can resolve them. God’s words are the truth and can allow us to understand God’s will in difficulties, show us the way of practice, and make our spirits grow strong. Apparently, God’s words are spiritual bread for our lives and can become our life.

It’s just as God’s words say, “Whether the words spoken by God be plain or profound in outward appearance, they are all truths indispensable to man as he enters into life; they are the fount of living waters that enables man to survive in both spirit and flesh. They provide what man needs to stay alive; the principles and creed for conducting his daily life; the path he must take to salvation, as well as its goal and direction; every truth that he should possess as a created being before God; and every truth about how man obeys and worships God. They are the guarantee that ensures man’s survival, they are man’s daily bread, and they are also the sturdy support that enables man to be strong and stand up. They are rich in the reality of the truth with which created mankind lives out normal humanity, rich in the truth by which mankind breaks free from corruption and eludes Satan’s snares, rich in the tireless teaching, exhortation, encouragement, and solace that the Creator gives to created humanity. They are the beacon that guides and enlightens men to understand all that is positive, the guarantee which ensures that men will live out and come into possession of all that is righteous and good, the criterion by which all people, events, and objects are measured, and also the navigation marker that leads men toward salvation and the path of light.”

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