Train up a child – Reflection on Proverbs 22:6

Today's Gospel

Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it. – Proverbs 22:6


Parents are children’s first teachers. Everywhere is competitive and full of temptations. If we don’t guide our children to choose the right direction in life, they will easily walk the wrong path.

Maybe our child is young and we can guide him at his side anytime. However, he will grow up and leave us one day. Then how can we make sure he won’t be influenced by unhealthy practices in society?

In John 8:12, Jesus again said, “I am the light of the world: he that follows me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life.God’s word is the truth, the way, and the life. We won’t fall into darkness once we practice Jesus’ words. So, if we bring our children before God and train them up according to His requirements, our children will understand what they should do and not do. Many times, people walk down the wrong path because they don’t know how to tell the difference between the positive and negative. If we teach our children to fear God and shun evil, they will gradually possess the capacity to discriminate as they are growing up. Thus, we don’t worry whether or not our children will be deceived or walk the wrong path even though we are not at their side.

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